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Title: 十週水中有氧訓練對女性老年人功能性體適能之影響
The Effect of 10-week Aquatic Exercise Training on Functional Fitness Tests in Elder Women
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2005
Publisher: 臺灣運動生理暨體能學會
Abstract: 研究目的:探討經由10週水中有氧訓練對女性老年人功能性體適能的影響。研究對象:35名平時無規律運動的女性老年人(年齡67.91±5.31歲、體重58.94±8.37公斤、身高153.61±4.73公分),研究方法:接受10週水中有氧訓練(3次/週、55-60分/次,強度為40-85%最大心跳保留值),訓練前、後進行功能性體適能測驗,結果:包括30秒坐椅站立(17.57±3.48 vs. 22.40±5.09)、30秒屈伸臂(22.71±4.00 vs. 26.83±4.97)、2分鐘原地踏步(110.43±9.46 vs. 127.94±12.56)、坐椅體前伸(7.16±9.64 vs. 10.94±8.66)、抓背伸展(1.32±6.50 vs. 2.69±9.46)、坐站協調能力(6.33±1.14 vs. 5.00±0.60)及6分鐘走(510.30±106.05 vs. 595.80±57.82)。以相依樣本t考驗進行統計分析,α=.05為顯著水準。發現除了抓背伸展外所有測驗項目,在訓練後皆顯著改善(p<.05),結論:十週水中有氧訓練對於女性老年人功能性體適能有改善效果。
Purpose: This study was to investigate the effect of 10-week aquatic exercise training on functional fitness of elder women. Method: There were 35 women (average age, weight and height were 67.91�5.31 yr, 58.94�8.37 kg and 153.61�4.73 cm, respectively) were recruited as subjects to participate in a 10 week aquatic exercise. The subjects received 3 days per week, 55-60 min each session, with intensity of 40 to 85%HRR. All subjects were tested pre- and post-training in functional fitness, including chair stand (17.57�3.48 vs. 22.40�5.09), arm curl (22.71�4.00 vs. 26.83�4.97), 6-minute walk (510.30�106.05 vs. 595.80�57.82), 2-min step (110.43�9.46 vs. 127.94�12.56), chair sit-and-reach (7.16�9.64 vs. 10.94�8.66), back scratch (1.32�6.50 vs. 2.69�9.46) and 8-foot up-and go test (6.33�1.14 vs. 5.00�0.60). The dependent t test was used to analyze the data. The significant level was set at .05. Results: The improvements of all the functional fitness tests were significant, except for the back scratch test. Conclusion: The results indicated that 10-weeks aquatic exercise significantly increase the functional fitness level in elder women and especially improve on upper- and lower-body strength, aerobic endurance, lower-body flexibility, agility and dynamic balance.
ISSN: 1815-638X
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0102_01_074
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