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Title: 肥胖者與非肥胖者於漸增負荷運動中心血管與體溫調節反應之比較研究
Thermoregulation and Cardiovascular Responsein Nonobese and Obese Individuals during Incremental Exercise
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
黎俊彥 方進隆評
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1997
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 肥胖亦即體內儲存過多的脂肪,而體內儲存過多脂肪易造成絕緣體,妨礙人體調節 深層溫度(核溫)的作用,而易發生中暑事件。因此為欲暸解肥胖者於漸增負荷運動中心血管與 體溫調節之反應,而以健康無病之男性大學生(平均年齡為20.4歲)肥胖者(%fat>25%)七名及 非肥胖者(%fat<20%)七名為研究對象,進行每2分鐘增加30w之漸增負荷踏車運動並比較其運 動中心跳率、血壓、膚溫、核溫及上下肢皮膚血流量之異同。經統計t-test考驗、分析比較 之後本研究得到以下之結論: 一、於相同漸增負荷運動中,除了心跳率之外,肥胖者之血壓及雙重積(double product)反應 均較非肥胖者亢興,並大都達顯著差異水準,因此於相同負荷運動中,肥胖者之心血管反應的 負擔要比非肥胖者要來的大。 二、於相同漸增負荷運動中,除了膚溫之外,肥胖者之核溫顯著地要比非肥胖者高,而上、下肢 血流量卻顯著地少於非肥胖者,顯示肥胖者之運動中體溫調節反應機轉要比非肥胖者差。
Body composition can be divided into two components: 1. body fat, and 2. lean body mas or fat-free weight. The increase in cardiac output during exercise must satisfy both the nutritional requirements of working muscle and body's thermoregulatory requirement, in order to maintain a constant internal temperature by increasing blood flow to the skin. Since fat has a lower specific heat and contain less water, and more fat just like insulation will reduce heat exchange by radiation and evaporation. Seven obese (%body fat>25%) and seven Nonobese (%body fat<20%) healthy, male college students, was recruited as study subjects, performed upright incremental bichcle ergometer test, to investigated differences among obese and Nonobese in heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, core temperature, VO□ peak, and skin blood flow during exercise. Data analyzed using the SPSS/Windows statistical software package. Statistical significant is set at α=0.05. The present result showed that during incremental exercise: 1. The Nonobese had significantly higher VO□peak compared with the obese. The obese had higher cardiovascular response, but no statistically significant difference; 2. No significantly differences between the two groups were found in skin temperature, but the ovese had significantly higher core temperature compared with the Nonobese. The Nonobese had significantly higher skin blood flow compared with the obese, suggested that the Nonobese had better thermoregulation function than obese.
ISSN: 1024-7297
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0102_01_048
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