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Title: 進食和運動刺激對血中瘦身蛋白(Leptin)、血糖及胰島素濃度之影響--個案研究
Case Study--The Effects of Food Intake and Exercise Stimulus on the Serum Leptin、 Glucose and Insulin Levels
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Abstract: 本研究嘗試以個案方式,探討進食和一小時中至高強度踏車運動刺激對血液中瘦 身蛋白( Leptin )濃度的影響,以及其和血糖、胰島素濃度變化之相關,以作為大規模實 驗研究之參考。由於 Leptin 為人體肥胖基因( Obese gene )所分泌之蛋白質,具有強烈 抑制食慾和調節能量存取的功能,故為體重控制研究的新焦點。 個案年齡 36 歲、男性已婚、BMI=23.7、體脂肪百分比 19%(水中秤重),在五天次的測驗 期間,安排 12 ∼ 22 小時不等的禁食時間、一次進食和一次長時間運動刺激,經由 14 次 抽血分析觀察血中 Leptin 濃度的變化,結果發現: 1. 個案 Leptin 濃度最高值為 3.82 ng/ml, 最低值為 1.36 ng/ml, 平均值為 2.03 ± 0.66, 每日同時段之測量質變化不大,Leptin 濃度變化大致呈現白天逐漸降低至傍晚最低 的規律現象。 2. 在本研中進食、 運動刺激以及血中胰島素、血糖濃度變化等對 Leptin 濃度並無明顯之 影,但情緒可能會干擾 Leptin 濃度日低夜高的律動性。
The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of food intake, lone-hour fasting and one hour exercise at middle-to-high intensity on the serum leptin levels, and to setup a basis for future group study. The experiment was designed to draw blood samples from a male subject (age 37, married, BMI 23.7, percentage of body fat 19%) on five seperate days under the condition of long-hour fasting, usual eating, or long-hour fasting plus one hour exercise stimulation. Fourteen samles were obtained and analyzed for leptin concentrations. The results showed the followings: 1. The average leptin level of the subject was 2.03 0.66 ng/ml with maximum of 3.82 ng/ml and minimum of 1.36 mg/ml. Samples drawn at the same time point of each day had similar leptin values. The rhythmic change, declining during daytime and down to the lowest at sunset, was observed. 2. Food intake, exercise and variation in serum insulin and glucose concentration did not affect the levels of leptin; however, emotion might have influence.
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