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Title: 「教」與「學」的體育視界---臺灣百年體育師資養成之歷史考察
The Physical Education Horizons of 'Teaching' and 'Learning'---A Hundred-Year Historical Survey of the Development of Physical Education Teachers in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 「師範為先,師資第一」的理念,臺灣戰後之初因積極推動教育政策,其理念備受 重視。初期的師資養成教育採取閉鎖性政策,此部份在民國83 年通過「師資培育法」 後,開啟不同以往的多元培育方式。 回首臺灣體育教學的歷史,可以追溯百年前日本治臺的伊始,日人帶入新式教育的 同時,體育課程也有制度性的教學。為此,日治時期的體育師資,除了來自日本體育專 業學校之外,另配合檢定措施以補充體育師資的不足。此種現象延續至戰後,遂有較大 的改變,戰後初期的1945 年至1949 年,部份體育師資來自中國大陸,或採用徵選方式 聘用,其中不乏軍人,至於正式成立培育體育師資的學校,是自1946 年6 月的省立臺 灣師範學院開始,正式開啟體育師資的新里程,惟至今為止,臺灣百年體育師資養成的 歷史發展過程尚未有專著產生。 本研究計畫採歷史研究法,輔以口述歷史與比較研究法,來究明臺灣百年來體育師 資養成的歷史展開過程。本研究以日本治臺之初為研究起點,以學校教育政策為經線, 體育人才養成的時空發展過程為緯線,相互交織,按照時序展現和勾勒百年來臺灣體育 師資養成的歷史面貌和實際實施的情形,此為本研究之目的。 研究期間擬定為期二年。第一年重點著重在日治時期,以蒐集史料、圖像或基礎資 料為重點工作,並確立研究概念架構、整理分析、研究課題等;第二年則把重心置於戰 後五十年,除上述基本工作之後,最後再進行資料統整、考証與考察、撰寫研究報告等。
During the initial period in postwar Taiwan, owing to the educational policy that was being actively promoted, the idea of “the paradigm of being a teacher takes precedence, teachers rank first” was greatly emphasized. In the beginning, the education for developing teaching talent adopted a closed policy, but after the passage of the “Teachers Development Law,” a diverse method of development, different from that of the past, was inaugurated. In retrospect, the history of Taiwan’s physical education teaching can be traced a hundred years back to the beginning of the Japanese rule in Taiwan when there was also institutionalized teaching in physical education courses, at the same time that the Japanese introduced new education. For this purpose, physical education teachers during the period of Japanese rule, besides those from Japanese physical education professional schools, were supplemented by taking proper measures of certification. This phenomenon was carried on until the postwar period when there was greater change. During the initial postwar period from 1945 to 1949, part of physical education teachers came from the Chinese mainland or were employed by means of selection; quite a few of them were soldiers. As for the formal establishment of a school for developing physical education teachers, it started from the establishment of Provincial Taiwan Normal College in June 1946, formally initiating a new milestone in the development of physical education teachers. This research project adopts the historical research method, supplemented with oral history and comparative research method, to explore and illuminate the historical process of development of physical education teachers for the past hundred years in Taiwan. This study takes the initial period of Japanese rule in Taiwan as the starting point of research, with school-based education policy as the warp and the spatial-temporal development process of developing physical education teachers as the woof, both of them intertwined; the purpose of this study is to show and describe in chronological order the historical aspect of the development of physical education teachers and its actual practice. The duration of the study is planned for two years. The emphasis of the first year is to be placed on the period of Japanese rule, with the collection of historical materials, pictures and charts or basic materials as the key work, as well as establishing the conceptual framework of the research, organizing and analyzing materials, and setting research topics; while the stress of the second year is to be put on the fifty years of the postwar period. After the above-mentioned basic work, the data will finally be integrated, verified and examined for the writing of a research report.
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