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Title: 日治時期的臺灣女子體育講習會
A Study of Taiwanese Female Teachers' Participation in Physical Education Workshops during the Japanese Colonial Period
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2014
Publisher: 國史館
Abstract: 本文關注的課題是日治時期女教師參與體育講習會的情形,此乃因應學校體育課程的補強而生。研究顯示,女教師可從相關的講習會習得體育知能,其中,專為女教師舉辦的女子體育講習會,至日本治臺30年後的1925年才舉行,根據統計,女子體育講習會舉行的場次超過30場(男女皆可參與的體育講習會之場次更多),這與日治中期積極推動體育運動,以及女子競技運動風氣高漲有關,惟偶爾搭配具有女性特質的科目一同舉行,如裁縫或家事等。女子體育講習會的辦理,短為1天,長則2週,規模大小不一,主辦者多半聘請日本或是臺灣島內的體育教師,但皆是日籍女教師,顯現臺籍女教師的從屬性較高。至於體育的內容,大致隨著教育政策或體操科教授要目的改變而定,其體育科目的動態變化,提供女教師廣泛的運動技能與知識,但是體育講習會產出的體育知識一致性,亦成為掌控體育教學的一項重要工具,然而,這種速成且短期的體育講習會,女教師是否可以落實體育教學工作,抑或是地方具有因地制宜的現象,是未來值得研究的課題。
This article focuses on the issue of Taiwanese female teachers' participation in physical education workshops for impriving the PE curriculum of elementary schools during the Japanese colonial period. The research shows that female teachers can be empowered by participating in such women's gymnastics workshops. However, it was not until the third decade of the Japanese colonial period in 1925 that the first workshop was launched. Within twenty years, more than 30 sessions were held (the number of workshops for both sexes was even more than that). This was because Japan had become active towards the PE as well as women's athletics sports. The contents of the workshops occasionally mixed with feminine subjects, such as tailoring or housework, etc. Each workshop lasted from one day to two weeks, and the scope varied. The workshop organizers invited the trainers from Japan and Taiwan, and all of them were Japanese. It showed that Taiwanese female PE teachers had higher dependency. As for the content of the PE curriculum, Taiwanese female PE teachers generally followed the education policy or standard curriculum. The dynamic changes of the PE subjects led the workshops into a wide range of training in motor skills and knowledge. However, the knowledge production from the workshops had become standard, and it might turn out to be an important tool to control PE curriculum. Hence, it is worth further exploring whether or not the function of the workshops were fully implemented in these Taiwanese female PE teachers' teaching at school, and what kind of local phenomena after adjustment had appeared.
ISSN: 1016-2933
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