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Title: 日治時期臺北州小公學校體操講習會之歷史考察
The History Investigation of the Institute of Public Elementary School Gymnastics of Taipei Prefecture in Japanese Colonial Period
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 淡江大學歷史學系
Abstract: 本文關注的課題是日治時期體育師資如何維繫體育教學的水準,遂以臺北州小公學校體操講習會的實施情形進行討論,以期理解體育知識的傳遞方式及意義。研究結果顯示,小公學校體操講習會的生成,乃因應學校體操課程的補強或是教師資格的不足而來,臺北州則因其地利之便,可以敏銳地感應到體操科變動的腳步聲,其科目及內容不斷地發生動態變化,配合不同年代公布「學校體操教授要目」之科目而行,傳輸新式知識,對體育教學有迅速的理解和認識。至於1924年於淡水舉行的水泳講習會,開啟了水泳講習的開端,運動項目尤其多元。對於小公學校的教師而言,講習會提供體育教師廣泛的運動技能與知識;但是,體操講習會所產出的體育知識一致性,也成為掌控體育教學的一項重要工具。
The main point of this research is how PE teachers maintained the standard of PE in Japanese Colonial Period, discussed by the practice of The Institute of Public Elementary School Gymnastics of Taipei Prefecture, to understand the meaning and the communication way of PE knowledge. The result shows The Institute of Public Elementary School Gymnastics established because of the reinforcement of PE class or the lack of teachers' qualification. Due to the convenient traffic of Taipei Prefecture, it could sharply sense the movement of PE. Its subjects and content continuously changed to operate in coordination with the subjects of "Guidelines for physical education in schools" in different eras, delivering new knowledge. It had a certain understanding. As for The Institute of Swimming held in Tamsui in 1942, it opened the first door of swimming lecturing, especially in various sports. To the teachers in public elementary school, the institute provided the sports skills and knowledge for PE teachers; however, the consistence of the sports knowledge that the institute outputting also became one important way to control the PE teaching.
ISSN: 1023-358x
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