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Title: 一位英語為第二語言的學習者的自我民族誌:何處是隧道的盡頭?
Other Titles: An Autoethnography of an L2 English Learner in Taiwan: Where Is the End of the Tunnel?
Authors: Jiun-Iung Lei
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文藉由自我民族誌來剖析我長久以來所繼承的殖民遺產。此自我民族誌講述了我身為一位英語為第二語言的學習者的故事。根據我的回憶及直接觀察,此自我民族誌描述一個細微的自我邊緣化過程,而其中權力結構彼此交互作用,並以多元的樣貌呈現。此外,我運用後現代主義者的理論,來檢視在此自我民族誌中的個人經驗。
In this paper, I utilized an autoethnographic method to critically analyze the colonial traces upon me. I offered this autoethnographic account to tell a story about myself as an L2 English learner. Based on my memory and direct observation, this autoethnograpy aimed to delineate a subtle self-marginalizing process in which power structures play themselves out through multiple manifestations of interaction. In addition, post-modernists’ theories were drawn as lenses to examine the personal experiences in my autoethnograpy.
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