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Title: 以語料庫文步分析TED 演說架構:真實語料與簡報教學
Other Titles: Exploring TED Talks as a Pedagogical Resource for Oral Presentations: A Corpus-Based Move Analysis
Authors: Yu-jung Changa , Hung-Tzu Huang
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 簡報製作為學校與職場中必備之溝通能力,而英語簡報技巧也在全球化的今天成為大學英語口語課程裡的重點訓練項目。為了活化教學及加強學習者對簡報文類的理解和應用能力,本研究使用語料庫文步分析法檢視廣受全球歡迎的TED 演說。研究指出TED演說中的七大文步,並依照文步出現之頻率、長度、及模式建構出一基本的演說架構。研究中也討論簡報者如何彈性地運用該架構做出有效的演說,並根據研究成果對簡報教學與後續研究提出具體建議。
The present study examines the rhetorical structure of talks from TED conferences to explore the possibility of their being incorporated into the instruction of oral presentation in English-language classrooms. Drawing on the corpus-based move analysis approach, the study analyzes a corpus of 58 selected TED talks to tease out their shared structural features and the variations and flexibility embedded among them. The analysis proceeds by using a coding protocol, developed for this corpus by the researchers, to outline the rhetorical moves and structural elements. The analysis identifies seven major move types (and their respective component steps) and establishes a genre prototype based on move frequencies, lengths, associations, and patterns of occurrence. Meanwhile, the findings also highlight the influence of the form, objectives, and conventions of TED conferences on the rhetorical structure of the talks. This paper discusses the pedagogical applications of the findings in classroom instruction as well as other implications for future research.
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