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Title: 臺灣學生對英文文法學習難易的看法
Other Titles: Chinese EFL Learners’ Perceptions of Grammatical Difficulty
Authors: Li-Ju Shiu
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採用問卷調查的方式,調查臺灣的大學生覺得哪些英文文法項比較容易學,而哪些文法項目他們覺得比較難學,此外,並探討影響學生對文法學習難易看法的因素。本研究共有277位來自中部兩所大學的大一學生參與。研究結果顯示,學生對文法學習難易的看法受其英文知識,先前的英文文法學習經驗及其母語知識所影響,此外,學生對文法學習難易的看法必須從其所學之文法結構,意思及用法等三個層次分別探討。就文法結構的層次而言,整體來說,學生認為所選的20個英文文法項目全部都不難學,然而,他們也普遍認為文法規則比較複雜的文法項目比文法規則比較簡單的文法項目難學。學生認為所選的文法項目在文法結構上都不難學的原因可能和其先前的英語學習經驗多著重於學文法規則有關,因此,當他們被問到他們覺得哪些文法項目比較容易或比較難學時,他們自然而然地想到文法規則的學習,而多年學習文法規則的結果讓多數學生覺得文法規則容易學習。就文法意思及用法的層次而言,本研究因所使用的問卷有其侷限性,因此無法多做探討,未來的相關研究可進一步探討。
This paper reports on the findings of the study that investigated grammatical difficulty from Chinese EFL learners’ perspectives. A questionnaire, designed to explore learners’ perceptions of grammatical difficulty, was administered to 277 EFL learners in two universities in the central part of Taiwan. The results indicate that Chinese EFL learners’ perceptions of grammatical difficulty are influenced by factors related to their second language (L2) knowledge, L2 grammar learning experience, and L1 knowledge. It was also found that learners’ perceptions of grammatical difficulty included reference to syntactic, semantic, and/or pragmatic levels. However, overall, this group of Chinese EFL learners perceived learning of the 20 target features at the syntactic level to be relatively easy. Notwithstanding, learners perceived syntactic features that require more extensive use of metalanguage to describe their formulation as more difficult to learn than those that can be described more simply. The finding that the learners tend to perceive grammar learning at the syntactic level to be relatively easy might be, in part, because of their years of de-contextualized, form-oriented L2 learning experience. The questionnaire findings, however, are less informative about learners’ perceptions of grammatical difficulty at other levels (e.g., semantic, pragmatic level) due to the limitations of its design.
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