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Title: 高中英文教科書使用後研究
Other Titles: A Study of Post-Use Evaluation of Senior High School English Textbooks
Authors: Yu-hsuan Julie Chen
Chun-yin Doris Chen
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討現行高中英文教科書之使用意見及內容編寫特色,研究素材為目前市面上最常選用之三套高中英文教科書 (版本A、B、C),以問卷調查及訪談,調查九十位高中英文教師對於各版本的整體特色、語言成份、語言能力活動設計等方面之看法。此外,並針對研究對象中使用過《國編版》的三十八位教師進行調查,了解其看法。研究發現,高中英文教師之用後評估顯示現行各版教材內容(如:課程組織、內容安排、及活動設計等) 編寫皆符合課程大綱,亦各具特色,唯學生程度和興趣個別差異大,實際上難以滿足各類學生學習需求。語言成份及語言能力活動之設計常隨教師之個人教學特色而有不同的發揮與修正。補充教材大致符合實際需求,然份量及實用性方面仍待加強。《國編版》教科書於選文、單字量及句型練習方面別具特色。最後,本研究建議編輯者應加強使用者溝通管道及並進行使用後調查分析,方能符合教師之需求。
users’ viewpoints. Ninety English teacher users participated in the study. Based on the textbook set (Version A, Version B, or Version C) they had used in the previous school year, they were further divided into three groups. They were asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning their perceptions about the textbooks in use with respect to their general impression and activity designs for language components and language skills, etc. In addition, 38 out of the 90 teachers had used the National Institute of Compilation and Translation (NICT) version before, thus, their comments on the version were also collected for data analysis. It was found that the teachers’ perceptions about the textbooks in use showed some common features (syllabus organization, content arrangement and activity design, etc.) as well as some features unique to each textbook set. However, students’ proficiency levels and interests varied a lot; as a result, it was not easy to meet every student’s needs. The activities designed in the textbooks were often carried out and modified according to the teacher users’ teaching styles. It was also found that most of the supplementary materials were good for use, but the amount and practicality of these materials could be further improved. The results showed that the NICT version was appreciated for its text selection, amount of vocabulary, and spiral organization of sentence patterns. Finally, it is suggested that more communication between writers and users is desired and that it is necessary to conduct a post-use survey to meet the teacher users’ needs.
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