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Title: 大學英語學習者跨文化能力量表編製與應用
Other Titles: The Development and Application of an Intercultural Competence Scale for University EFL Learners
Authors: Tzu-Chia Chaoa
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在編製一份具有信效度的跨文化能力中文量表,進而應用此量表來探索臺灣的大學英語學習者目前的跨文化能力發展情形。研究階段分別為文獻探索、跨文化模組設立、量表題目撰寫、預試與正式應用。在正式應用中,共有來自臺灣北、中、南、東部共12 所大學的1,302 位大一學生(有效樣本1,117 人)參與。探索性因素分析的結果顯示出五個主要因素。修正後的跨文化能力量表共有30 題,Cronbach’s alpha 係數為高信度的 .93。在正式應用中,1,117 位參與者的跨文化能力自評結果之五個主要因素高低依序為:跨文化互動情意傾向,跨文化敏覺感的呈現,跨文化互動時的自我勝任感,跨文化溝通相關知識,跨文化溝通行為表現能力。研究結果亦發現跨文化互動情意傾向與跨文化敏覺感的呈現會因性別因素而有顯著差異;又參與者跨文化能力發展的高低現況似乎和大學的類型(一般大學或科技大學)與就讀的區域(北、中、南、東部)有關而呈現出差異性。本文依據初步結果提出教學上的建議,並對本量表的限制與未來相關研究進行討論。
The purpose of this study was to develop and apply an intercultural competence scale (ICS/Chinese version) to understand the intercultural competence (IC) of Taiwanese university English as a foreign language (EFL) learners. Development of the scale was conducted through a literature review, IC model building, item pool generation, and data collection, including a pilot survey (valid n = 389) and a formal study (valid n = 1,117). Finally, five factors were generated following exploratory factor analysis, and the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (α = .93) of the final 30-item ICS indicated the scale’s high reliability. Derived from the outcomes of IC self-assessment in the formal study, the means of the five IC factors were ranked in descending order: affective orientation to intercultural interaction, display of intercultural consciousness, self-efficacy in intercultural situations, knowledge of intercultural interaction, and behavioral performance in intercultural interaction. A significant difference existed between men and women in affective orientation toward intercultural interaction and display of intercultural consciousness. Also, the IC of the participants in the formal study seemed to be related to the type and location of their universities. Based on the results, pedagogical implications are provided and relevant limitations are discussed regarding future studies.
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