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Title: 比較中文及英文閱讀信念與閱讀策略: 三個英語學習者的個案研究
Authors: Li-Yuan Hsu
Yuh-show Cheng
Chiou-lan Chern
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學英語系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要之目的在探討學生的中文及英文閱讀信念與閱讀策略,研究對象為三位來自臺北某科技大學的學生。本論文所探討的閱讀信念以兩個閱讀信念模式為主軸──情意建構模式及知識傳遞模式。為了解學生的閱讀信念模式及實際的閱讀策略運用,資料蒐集採問卷調查及放聲思考的方式進行。研究結果顯示,無論在閱讀中文或英文,有著不同閱讀信念模式的學生,會展現出不同的策略運用型態。情意建構模式信念較強的學生容易運用較多高層次的閱讀策略,而且也會在閱讀過程中展現出較多的後設認知察覺。然而本研究發現此一差異性,在學生閱讀中文時比閱讀英文時明顯,因為學生在閱讀英文時,不管那一類型信念模式的學生,都過度局限於使用少數幾種區域型的閱讀策略。本篇最後也針對此研究發現,提出有關外語閱讀教學的建議。
This study aimed to examine learners’ beliefs about reading and reading strategies in their first language (L1), Mandarin Chinese and in English as a foreign language (L2). Participants of the study were three college freshmen from a university of technology in Taipei. Readers’ beliefs are defined in terms of the two implicit models of reading, the transaction and transmission beliefs. Data were collected through the use of two reading belief questionnaires and a think-aloud reading task. The results indicated that students with distinctive implicit models of reading tended to show differences in their use of reading strategies while reading academic texts. More specifically, there was a tendency for the transaction reader to process the text at a higher level by applying a higher number of general than local reading strategies as well as show more metacognitive awareness of the reading process. The differences, however, were more apparent in L1 than in L2. When reading in L2, the three participants, regardless of their belief profiles, tended to focus more on the local aspect of reading. Finally, pedagogical implications of these findings are discussed.
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