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Title: 臺灣大學生對混合式英語口語教學的看法
Other Titles: EFL Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Blended Speaking Instruction
Authors: Tzu-Hua Bailey Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 混合式學習近年來風行英語教學界,但有關此教學法運用於口語課程教學的研究卻很稀少。本研究探討英語為外語的大學生對於混合式學習教學法融入非同步以電腦為媒介的有聲討論版於課後口說任務的看法、此混合式學習環境的特徵、以及對未來運用混合式學習教學法於英語口語課程設計的建議。23 位英文輔系的北臺灣大學生參與課堂內口說練習與雙週課外共8 個口說任務,老師於課堂中提供回饋。研究資料包含混合式學習滿意度問卷、開放式問卷和個別訪談。研究結果顯示,學生大致上對混合式學習教學法抱持正面的態度。學生認為混合式口語教學有助於整體英語口語能力的提升,英語發音和用字的精準度也有所改善。本研究也發現三個此混合式學習環境的特徵,並針對學生對未來混合式口語課程設計的建議做討論。
Blended learning has gained momentum in English teaching in recent years, yet research on its application to EFL speaking instruction is scarce. The present study reports on EFL students’ perceptions of the blended learning instructional approach, integrating an asynchronous computer-mediated voice forum into an English conversation course at the tertiary level. Twenty-three undergraduates minoring in English from various disciplines of a university in northern Taiwan were asked to complete in-class speaking exercises and eight after-class speaking tasks on a bi-weekly basis. They received feedback from their course instructor in the classroom. Data were gathered from an openended questionnaire, a blended learning satisfaction questionnaire, and semi-structured interviews. Findings indicate that the students generally held a favorable attitude toward the blended learning experience. In particular, they perceived their overall oral proficiency gains and language gains in pronunciation and lexical accuracy. The students also appreciated blended speaking instruction for reinforcing their learning with after-class speaking tasks and connecting to the knowledge they had learned in the class with relevant afterclass oral recorded tasks. Additionally, the affordances of the voice forum, participating students’ attitudes towards language learning, and the role of the teacher are the characteristics of this supportive blended English learning environment. Suggestions regarding future implementation of the blended learning course are also discussed.
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