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Title: 詞彙動貌與語法動貌的互動協調:臺灣英語學習者習得英語動貌結構之研究
Other Titles: Lexical Aspect in Interaction with Grammatical Aspect: A Study of English Aspect Acquisition in Taiwanese Learners
Authors: Ai-li Hsin
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以跨語言對比分析英漢兩語言時貌系統中詞彙動貌與語法動貌之配合,來探索臺灣英語學習者在習得英語動貌結構常有習得緩慢或犯錯連連的可能原因。研究邀請兩組不同程度的英語學習者參與一文法判斷實驗,包含了四種詞彙動貌與兩種語法動貌相互作用的句子。研究發現進行動貌比完成動貌在概念上較簡單故較早習得,後者常因加入持續詞組或終極詞組而更複雜。在四種詞彙動貌中,靜態動詞與活動動詞顯著地比完成動詞與達成動詞進步快得多,原因可能為漢語中只有靜態與活動兩種原始動詞,而完成與達成動詞都由複合動詞演變而來,對於英語中動詞就涵蓋四種詞彙動貌,往往不能掌握精確。完成動詞習得困難來自學習者對於詞彙動貌中的瞬間性與持續詞組不相容無感;而達成動詞習得障礙在於詞彙動貌中的有終點性與持續詞組不相容但卻與終極詞組相容。由於疏於注意詞彙動貌語意內涵在英文中需與語法動貌所有成分相配合,臺灣英語學習者在動貌結構學習上常不理想。本研究於英語教學上之啟發為應於教學上多強化英語動詞中之詞彙動貌語意內涵,由語意認知切入,使學習者自然學會英語中需與語法動貌妥切配合。
The study investigates the possible causes of delayed acquisition of Taiwanese EFL learners in mastering English aspect constructions by examining the lexical aspect of verbs in varied grammatical aspects via a cross-linguistic analysis of English and Chinese aspectual manifestations. Two groups of Chinese speakers of L2 English were invited to participate in an acceptability judgment test consisting of four situational types of verbs in interaction with two grammatical aspects. It was found that progressive aspect was conceptually simpler and acquired faster than perfective aspect, which was conceptually complicated with the addition of durative phrase or terminative phrase. Among the four situational types of verbs, states and activities progressed significantly greater than achievements and accomplishments, probably due to the fact that Chinese has only two primitive verbs, i.e., state and activity, and achievements and accomplishments are derived either morphologically with other verbs or syntactically with aspect markers or additional phrases. Achievements appeared difficult because Taiwanese EFL learners were not aware of the incompatibility of punctuality with the durative phrase, and accomplishments, the disagreement of telicity with the durative phrase but agreement with the terminative phrase. Without attending the required agreement, Taiwanese EFL learners dragged in the development of English aspect acquisition.
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