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Title: 讀者劇場對國小學童口讀英文流暢度之影響
Other Titles: Promoting Oral Reading Fluency in Young EFL Learners Through Readers Theater
Authors: Kuan-Li Liu, Chieh-Fang Hu
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 雖然融合讀者劇場於閱讀教學已蔚為風潮,但讀者劇場對閱讀流暢度的遷移效益仍待釐清。三班五年級EFL 學童隨機分配至三種閱讀流暢度訓練課程:讀者劇場、重複閱讀、聽讀訓練。以前測及兩次後測檢驗閱讀流暢度在正確性、速度及抑揚頓挫上的遷移效益。18 週訓練後,讀者劇場組在朗讀未練習過文章的正確性及速度,與其他兩組的差距擴大。讀者劇場組的低成就者,在正確性及抑揚頓挫上與另兩組低成就者的差距也擴大。結果指出:雖然低成就與一般學習者受益面向不同,讀者劇場有益於閱讀流暢度的提升,且其效益能遷移至朗讀未練習過的文章。
Although there has been interest in incorporating readers theater into reading fluency instruction, relatively little is known about whether the benefits of the instruction are transferrable to unpracticed materials. This study assessed the transfer effects of readers-theater instruction on promoting oral reading fluency in young EFL learners. Three fifth-grade classes were randomly assigned to one of three 18- week reading fluency instructions, i.e., readers theater, repeated reading, and listening-only. Transfer of oral reading fluency was measured by group differences in reading accuracy, automaticity, and prosody of unpracticed passages in one pre- and two post-training fluency tests. Results revealed that differences in reading accuracy and automaticity of unpracticed passages between the readers theater and the two control groups increased from the pretest to the posttests favoring the readers theater group. Additional analyses on low-achieving learners revealed that differences in reading accuracy and prosody of unpracticed passages increased across tests, again, favoring the readers theater subgroup over the two control subgroups. These findings suggest that the benefits of including readers-theater instruction for young EFL learners are transferrable to reading fluency of unpracticed passages, though the transfer benefits may differ for learners of different proficiency levels.
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