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Title: 高雄遊艇產業群聚網絡創新之研究
Other Titles: The Cluster and Innovation Network of Yacht Industry in Kaohsiung
Authors: 陳振杰
Jen-Jie Chen
Lien-Shang Wu
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究的目的探究高雄遊艇產業聚落的創新發展,採用深度訪談法,輔以資料蒐集方式,針對政府相關部門、研究單位、學者與代表性廠商共43 位進行半結構方式的訪談。研究結果顯示,高雄遊艇產業聚落的發展,相關廠商的地理鄰近性,加上包工的流動性大,促進遊艇整體技術的擴散。同時,技術的外溢存在於工程師之間的情誼以及供應商的資訊傳遞,透過正式與非正式交流,加速區域內知識的流動,並且因員工流動與自立門戶衍生出更多的遊艇廠,間接形成技術學習與創新,成為聚落中的在地鑲嵌特性。其次,因應遊艇製造業的需求,船舶暨海洋產業研發中心提供業者技術開發與人員教育訓練,金屬工業研究發展中心也透過產業聯盟,協助業者克服技術的難題,提供業者交流往來的機會,以及相關單位的支援實務人才培育,有助於知識的產生與擴散。因此,藉由遊艇產業聚落的創新學習,形成在地的黏著性,這是高雄遊艇產業特殊的創新過程。
The purpose of this study is to discuss the innovative network of the yacht industry clusters and innovation. The methods of this study include data collection and in-depth interview with 43 interviewees from government authorities, research groups, scholars, and representative companies. The result shows that geographical proximity of the firms and contractor's liquidity make yacht technologies diffusion. Meanwhile, friendship between the engineers as well as information exchange among suppliers accelerates the flow of knowledge within the field through formal and informal interaction. In addition, yacht technology spreads and innovative ideas come into being indirectly because of the transfer of employees and more and more new yacht factories set up by former employees. This is the embeddedness of the cluster. On the other hand, SOIC (Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center) offers technology development and personnel training. MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre) helps firms set up industry alliance to overcome technological problems. Thus, the innovative learning of the yacht cluster makes the industry sticky to the locality.
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