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Title: 臺南東山山村生計活動與景觀之變遷
Other Titles: Living Activities and Landscape Change in Mountain Villages of DongShan Township
Authors: 林思婷
Ssu-Ting Lin
Chun-Chia Chang
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要在探討東山山村地表景觀及生計活動變遷的過程,及其背後的影響因素。一地區原本人地平衡的生計活動,面臨外部環境改變的刺激時,地表景觀及生計活動也會隨之因應調整。除此之外,由於地區內各地原本的自然及人文環境不完全相同,使得外部環境的影響程度亦不同,而讓不同地區生計活動轉型程度有所差異。自日治時期開始,有許多政策及外部因素,如農產品價格的改變、臺灣經濟環境轉變所造成的勞力外移、農業政策的推廣等,影響著東山山村的生計活動,使原本自給自足的多樣化生計活動,漸漸趨向果樹專業區的生產模式。近年來臺灣的第一級產業面對外來農產品的競爭,及觀光休閒產業的興起,紛紛轉型與休閒產業結合,東山亦加入了此一產業轉型的潮流,舉行節慶並配合當地的觀光資源,希望為農業為主的東山帶來觀光遊憩的人潮。東山山村地表景觀及生計活動可依主要農作而分為四期,依序為水稻甘蔗雜糧期、甘蔗果樹栽種期、果樹栽種期及休閒農業萌芽期。整體而言,地表景觀及生計方式都是由多樣化漸漸轉變為專業化。
The purpose of this thesis is to explore the transition process of landscape, living activities in Dongshan mountain villages and the influencing factors behind them, and furthermore to observe labor distributions of various living activities. When the stimulus of external environmental changes influenced this region, the landscape of the earth surface and living activities here therefore were adjusted too. Besides, according to the differences of local natural environment and of the influenced extend of external environments, the transition of living activities in various regions differed. From Japanese colonial period, many policies and external factors had affected living activities of mountain village in Dongshan township, and therefore the original various living activities gradually transferred into the producing model of specialized fruit tree cultivation area. In recent year, for against the competition from overseas agricultural products and the rising of touring and leisure industry, the primary industry in Taiwan is transforming into corporation with leisure industry. Meanwhile, Dongshan township had also joined the trend of industry transition, and began to promote Dongshan township Coffee Festival, which hoped to bring touring and leisure mechanism for agriculture based Dongshan township by holding festivals and cooperating with local touring resources. Four periods of living activities and landscape of earth surface in mountain village of Dongshan township are as follows: 1) Period of Paddy Rice-Sugarcane-Grains, 2) Period of Sugarcane-Fruit Tree Cultivation, 3) Period of Fruit Tree Cultivation, 4) Period of Initial Stage of Leisure Agriculture. Therefore, generally speaking, the landscapes of earth surface and living styles are all transformed from diversification into specialization.
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