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Title: 公民與公民教育
Other Titles: Citizen and Civic Education: The Developing Direction of Civic Education in the New Century
Authors: 蕭揚基
Issue Date: Jun-2001
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 本文環繞著「在邁入二十一世紀之際,我們應如何看待公民角色、以及如何確立公民教育的發展方向?」這個問題展開討論。文中首先指出政治文化中的「公民」理念的發展,緊接著分析公民與民主政治體系的關係,以它為基礎探討發展公民教育時應思考問題,並以之作為準據討論我國公民教育發展方向。筆者想再強調的是:在邁入新世紀的過程中,透過學習性的公民教育,讓公民對公共生活能有所覺醒,能主動參與公共領域事務,且能促成公民的成長以適應未來社會的巨變,這將對於我國社會發展具有深刻的啟示。
This essay is focused on : How will we treat the roles of citizen and establish the developing direction of civic education in the 21st century? Before entering the main theme of this essay, the author like to point out the development of “citizen” in political cultures. Followings discuss the relationship between citizen and democratic politics, which is used as a guideline for establishing issues when considering the development of citizen education. Based on the relationship, we also discuss the developing direction of our citizen education. In conclusion, the author emphasizes the most urgent issues are that people should bear a sense to the public life, actively participate in the public community affairs, and make the citizen growth to face the radical changes of our coming society through the learning of civic education when stepping into the new century. These will have a great impact for developing of Taiwanese society.
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