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Title: Benner 改革教育學之探究
Other Titles: A Study on Dietrich Benner's Reform Pedagogy
Authors: 梁福鎮
Fu-Chen Frank Liang
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採用教育詮釋學的方法,探討Benner改革教育學的思想淵源、主要內涵、優劣得失,以及重要啟示。Benner深受Rousseau教育學思想、Kant批判哲學、Herbart普通教育學、Humboldt語言哲學、Hegel辯證哲學、Schleiermacher教育理論、Fink存在現象學、Derbolav實踐學和Kuhn科學哲學的影響,注重改革教育學與常規教育學的關係、教育學與政治學的關係、改革教育學歷史撰寫的形式、現代教育學在德國的發展、西方占領區和西德的國家學校改革及學校實驗等問題的探究,具有擴大改革教育學的探討範圍、轉變改革教育學的撰寫方式、澄清改革教育學的核心關係、充實改革教育學的實質內涵,以及指出教育改革運動的優劣得失等優點。儘管Benner改革教育學存在著一些問題,但是,仍然可以做為我國建構教育改革理論和進行教育改革活動的參考,在學術研究和教育實務上,值得我們加以重視。
This study explored the thinking background and major contents of Benner's reform pedagogy and analyzed its advantages, disadvantages, and significant implications through the methodology of educational hermeneutics. Dietrich Benner was deeply influenced by the thinking of various ideologists including Rousseau's pedagogy, Kant's criticism, Herbart's general pedagogy, Humboldt's linguistic philosophy, Hegel's dialectics, Schleiermacher's educational theories, Fink's existential phenomenology, Derbolav's praxeology, and Kuhn's philosophy of science. His research focused on the correlation between the reform pedagogy and the traditional pedagogy, and between pedagogy and political science, as well as the style of historywriting for the reform pedagogy, the development of modern pedagogy in Germany, the reform and educational experiment in national schools in Allied-occupied and West Germany, etc. His research has contributed to the expanded study of reform pedagogy, facilitated changes in its writing style, clarified its core relations, enriched its contents, and highlighted the advantages and shortcomings of this initiative. Benner's reform pedagogy is not without its defeces, but it offers worthwhile information in terms of both academic research and educational practice, when we endeavor to construct theories or design activities for educational reform in Taiwan.
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