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Title: 教師開展學習共同體的反思性質踐
Other Titles: ATeacher's Reflective Practice on Learning Community
Authors: 潘慧玲
Hui-Ling Wendy Pan
Wen-Hua Candy Chen
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 因應世界教改及十二年國氏基本教育的實施,教師的角色必須與時俱進,除與同儕合作,更需致力於以學生學習為核心的教學。本文呈現一位教師為了體現「以學習者為中心」的理念,開展學習共同體( 1earning community )的反思性實踐,並輔以實際的教學設計與實施作為闡釋。原以技術理性教學者自居的教師,透過持續學習與反忠實踐資本的積累,以及課室層級中師生共構課程的嘗試,挑戰固著秉性的框架,讓學生參與課程決定,一起致力於探究、合作與表達的課堂營造。
Facing the global education reforms and the implementation of 12-year basic education policy, teachers need to adjust their jobs. In addition to working with peers, what teachers are engaged in is to have student learning as the core of teaching. The article aims to present a teacher's reflective practice on learning community with the leamer-centered value. An instructional design is included to supplement the analysis. It reveals that a teacher self-portrayed as a person featured with technical rationality has gone through a changing journey by continuous learning and accumulating capital of reflective practice. Her disposition is transformed so that students get involved in curriculum decision and a classroom of inquiry, collaboration and expression is created by the teacher and students.
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