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Title: 從學習風格和科技接受模式看混成式評量策略融入教學
Other Titles: A Study on Integration of Classroom Response System into a Class from the Viewpoints of Learning Style and Technology Acceptance Model
Authors: 林凱胤
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究旨在結合即時反饋系統(Interactive Response System, IRS) 與線上測驗( Online Test) 建構一個混成評量模式--IRSOT (Interactive Response System & Online Test) ,並從學習風格和科技接受模式探討學生個別差異對IRSOT的接受度。本研究以中部某科技大學修習計算機概論的五專部護理科一年級51位學生為研究對象,以單組前後測進行5週10節課的實驗教學。實驗進行前後分別實施Kolb的學習風格量表和Davis的科技接受模式(TAM) 問卷調查。研究發現:1.不同學習風格的學生對IRSOT的易用性皆持肯定的看法;2. 不同學習風格的學生對IRSOT的有用性檢定結果並未達到顯著差異;3. 在IRSOT的使用態度方面,平均數超過3.65 的學生表示IRSOT讓課程更活潑、學生更喜歡上課,但發散者與同化者的平均數則稍為偏低,他們認為學習是自己的事,跟所使用的科技工具沒有太大的關聯。
This study was aimed to establish a teaching and testing model: IRSOT by combinding Interactive Response System (IRS) and Online Testing. With this model, the study also tried to find out students' acceptance for lRSOT according to learning style and technology acceptance. The participants were 51 first year students who enrolled in an introduction to computer course for 5-year-college nursing students. This experiment was a single group testing with pre- and post- tests and the duration was 5 weeks with 10 sections. Before and after the experimental course, Kolb 's Learning Style Inventory (1985) and Davis' Technology Acceptance Model (1986) were distributed to the students for data collecting. The results showed that the average of “Perceived usefulness" and “Perceived ease of use" were 3.96 and 3.97. It indicated that students consider that lRSOT was easy to use and helpful with their learning. The average for adopting IRSOT in the class,“Attitude" was 3.65 which showed that they welcome the instructor to use IRSOT in their class. However, the results also showed that students with different learning styles did not reach a significant level with categories of “Perceived usefulness",“Perceived ease of use", and “Attitude" on the acceptance for IRSOT.
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