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Title: 被遺忘的高職英語文教學--談十二年國教下的高職英語文教學
Other Titles: The Vocational High School English Education in Taiwan
Authors: 游毓玲
Yu-Ling You
Ponien Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 學者專家認為高職共同科目英文抖的時數過少是高職學生英文能力普遍不佳的主要原因之一;然而,自民國75 、76 年公布的高職英文課程、87 年實施的學年學分制課程、到現行的技職新課程,高職部定英文必修課程一直維持12學分。關於高職部定必修英文科目課程目標與內容, 75 、76 年的高職英文課程包含了專業英文(ESP) ,而學年學分制課程、與技職新課程則訂為一般英文(EGP) 。十二年國教新課綱編修在即,因此本文的研究問題與目的有三:一、回顧並探討高職英文課程綱要,二、檢視現行高職英文教學現況,三、探討高職部定必修英文科目的課程目標與內容應為一般英文(EGP) 或專業英文(ESP) 。本文以文獻探討方式回答第一與第二個研究問題,並自ESP 需要EGP的能力作為基礎、高職學生宜具備終身學習與職涯發展之基礎能力、高職專業英文內容界定不易等三個面向,討論第三個研究問題,最後針對技術型高中正英語文教學提出建議。
The studies have shown that the English abilities of the vocational high school students are not as good a those of the high school student . However, as highlighted by the researchers, different versions of national English curriculum for the vocational high school (VHS) ince 1985 require only 12 credit hour, i.e. 2-hour English classes per week, which is considered in ufficient for the VHS students to enhance their English abilitie . In addition to credit hours, another issue that attracts increasing attentions is if the required English curriculum for VHS should be designed as EGP (English for general purpose ) or ESP (English for pecific purposes) courses. Upon the implementation of 12-year compulsory education and design of the new curriculum, the study thus aims to (I) examine the national English curricula of VHS of the recent decades, (2) review and ummarize the studies on the current VHS English instruction, and (3) discuss if EGP or ESP hould be the content and goal of the English curriculum of VHS. Thi study argues the English curriculum of VHS hould focus on EGP and provide suggestions for the future English instruction of VHS.
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