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Title: 同異質分組並付之差異化教學
Other Titles: Differentiated Instruction with Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Grouping
Authors: 莊惠如
Hui-Ju Chuang
Wan-Shih Wang
I-Hui Wu
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 為了提升雙峰學生的學習動機,提供過合其程度的表現舞台,實施差異化分組教學,期望每個孩子都是教室中的主角。以基隆市某國中七年級學生為實施對象,南一版第二冊第二課Our Band Needs A Good Singer 為教學單元。教學活動採異質性分組,鼓勵學生相互學習分享與討論;評量活動採同質性分組,依照學生程度提供不同的學習單。百分之八十四學生認為以分組方式學習英語比以往的教學方式學得更快、更有好。學生表示分組教學可討論,很有趣',有參與感,能提高學習動機及效率。期望老師將來能多使用分組合作學習。藉由營造異質學生良性互動的學習氛圍,差異化分組教學確能落實十二年國民基本教育有教無類、因材施教的教育理念。
With the goal of allowing every child to have a role in the classroom, we practice differentiated instruction to raise "bi-modal" students' motivation on English learning. Our target students are seventh graders from a junior high school in Keelung. The teaching material is Lesson 2 of Book II, titled Our Band Needs A Good Singer from Nani Publisher. We grouped the students heterogeneously but assessed them homogeneously, which meant that we offered students different kinds of worksheets according to their readiness. 84% of the students think that it's faster and more efficient to learn English by group learning. They reported the learning being more fun than lecturing only by the teacher, and it was found that they could better participate in the teaching activity and take part in class discussions. They felt motivated and their feedback suggested that they hope the teacher can continue to use a cooperative learning approach in future lessons. Differentiated instruction can implement the rationale of Twelve-year National Basic Education- No child left behind by creating a learning atmo phere where all students get to interact and learn as a heterogeneous unit.
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