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Title: 資訊融入教學對學習態度影響之後設分析
Other Titles: The Meta-Analysis of Students' Attitude toward the Incorporation of Information Technology into Teaching
Authors: 梁育維
Yu-Wei Liang
Fan-Ching Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究昌在探究2008 年至2012 年我國教育科技相關研究所產出之教育科技議題學位論文,以確認資訊融入教學是否能真正有效提升學習者的學習態度,並於其中尋找可能的調節變項。為達上述目的,本研究運用後設分析研究法對52篇(58筆資料)符合本研究操作型定義的學位論文進行分析,研究結果摘要如下。一、資訊融入教學在學習態度面向的平均加權效果大小值d=0 .422,顯示資訊融入教學在學習態度面向之整體成效為約為中度的正向效果,並顯著優於一般教學。二、妥善安排各變項可提昇學習者的學習態度,如下所述。(一〉避免全班授課,宜善用全班授課、分組學習與個別指導等多種教學型態。(二)選用專業人士製作之精美雙向互動式教材教具。(三)將教學場域移至戶外實境或混合式的教學場域。(四)單元學習時間以1-2週,每週2小時左右或總時數在10小時左右為主。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the doctoral and master theses related to information technology issues from 2008 to 2012, so as to certify if teaching integrated with information technology can truly improve the students' learning attitude and identify the possible moderator variables. To fulfil the above goals, the author conducted meta-analysis of 52 theses (58 data) that complied with the operational definition of this thesis. The result is briefly described as the following: 1.The size value of Weighted Average Method of the effect of learning attitude to the o teaching program integrated with information technology was 0.422. It showed that teaching integrated with information technology could produce medium positive influence in the aspects of learning attitude, which was obviously more superior than ordinary teaching. 2.Arranging every variable properly to enhance learning attitude of learning, as the followings: (1) Avoiding using the teaching styles of the WHOLE CLASS TEACHING,and should use properly the ways of multiple teachings - WHOLE CLASS, STUDING GROUP and INDIVIDUAL TUITION. (2) Selecting exquisite, two-way and interactive teaching materials made by professionals. (3) Transfer the teaching field to the augmented reality or mixed one. (4) The time ofunit learning is 2 hours every I or 2 weeks, and add up to 10 hours totally.
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