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Title: 服務學習融入高中綜合活動課程的統整設計與實施之實務探討-以某國立自中為例
Other Titles: The Discussion of the Integration of Service Learning into High School Integrative Activity Curriculum: A Case Study of a National High School in Taiwan
Authors: 游源忠
Yuan-Chung Yu
Shu-Husan Chang
Ching-Shan Wu
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究以獲得教育部教學卓越金質獎的某國立學校為個案研究對象,採個案研究法。教學實施模組採PDCA管理循環模式,資料的蒐集則採文件分析法,分析學生撰寫的實作反思心得、參與班級討論與服務學習實作活動的教師觀察紀錄,與教師及受服機構人員訪談記錄等多重資料。另設計Liker五等量表問卷,以檢視參與學生對本方案課程目標之滿意度。本研究結論如下:一、規劃與設計方面:1.師生共同參與,發展符合學校本位的課程方案; 2. 本方案應用PDCA評鑑模式,逐年修正課程設計,促進推動成效。二、實施歷程方面:1.行政協調分工,減輕參與教師負擔; 2. 跨學科領域的課程融入與教學,有助於學習效果。三、實施成果方面:1.學生參與本方案後,對「課程目標」的學習收獲滿意;2. 學生參與服務學習不但激發心靈的成長,亦有助於人際關條、領導和溝通技巧的建立; 3. 有助於形塑優質的班級氣氛及校園文化。四、研究者與參與教師的反思:1.過當的破冰策略,是成功跨出第一步的重要法門; 2.教師「課程統整」與「引導反思」的專業素養需再提升。
This research took one national high school which had won the gold medal in The Excellent Teacher Awards as the research object, methodology being case study. "The teaching implementation module adopted PDCA, the gathering of data depended mainly on document analysis, with which we analyzed the reflection written by students, the observation record made by teachers, and the interview with the teachers and the staff working in the institutions to which the students offered their service. Also, a questionnaire using the Likert scale is developed by the research group so as to inspect the participating students' satisfaction with the program's curriculum goals. The conclusions are as follows: I.Develop the school-based curriculum program, in which teachers and students can participate together. This case makes uses of PDCA evaluation model to promote the effectiveness of service learning programs. 2.The administration coordination and labor division help reduce the burden of teachers. Moreover, integration of interdisciplinary curriculum helps learning and teaching. 3.After the participation in the program, students are satisfied with the results of curriculum objectives. Not only is the service learning inspiring to their spiritual growth, but it is helpful to their fortification of interpersonal relationship, leadership, and communicative skills. 4.Proper ice-breaking techniques are the key to early stage success. Teachers' professional knowledge about curriculum integration and reflection guidance needs enhancement.
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