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Title: 課程轉化實作促進國小師培生對數學課程理解之研究
Other Titles: The Implementation of Curriculum Transformation and the Facilitation of Elementary School Pre-service Teachers' Understanding of Mathematics Course
Authors: 陳彥廷
Yen-Ting Chen
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究22位同小師培生在進行數學課程轉化實作過程中,其對課程理解的轉變,以及促進其課程理解的因素。資料分析則以討論心得、教案、試教語料與評論、總體討論及唔談語料為依據。本研究發現,師培生透過課程轉化,對課程發展過程與課程內涵的理解發展較為豐富;而同儕討論、對實作經驗反思、師培者引導、教師于冊、學生反應及輔導教師回饋是促進師培生發展對數學課程理解的重要因素。最後,本研究提出相關建議以提供未來數學師資培育與後續研究之參考。
This research aimed to study 22 elementary school pre-service teachers' attitude change of the transformed course and the contributing factors that facilitates their understanding of the transformed course during the process of curriculum transformation. Data analysis was based on group discussions, lesson plans, teaching drills and interview corpus. This research showed that through the process of curriculum transformation, the pre-service teachers acquired more understanding toward course development and curriculum content; in contrast, peer discussions, reflections on practical experiences, pre-service teacher trainings, the uses of teacher's handbook, and feedbacks from students and teacher-counselors were critical factors to facilitate the development of pre-service teachers' understanding of the mathematics curriculum. Finally, the research proposed relevant suggestions for future mathematics teacher education and research references.
Other Identifiers: 08F9E242-9AF7-5D01-2F63-048B14E32EDE
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