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Title: 優勢中心生涯諮商對國中學生幸福感與生涯發展之影響研究
Other Titles: The Effectiveness of Strength-Centered Career Counseling in Junior High School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 王玉珍
Yu-Chen Wang
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 研究目的在探討優勢中心生涯諮商方法對幸福感和生涯發展的立即與追蹤的成效。研究對象為30 名國二及國三學生,其中男生9 人,女生21 人,年齡平均數為14.93 歲,標準差為0.59。二年級有12 人,三年級有18 人。分別來自桃園以北之8 所國民中學,透過輔導室協助邀請和招募,各校包括2 到8 名參與者。採量化實驗設計方法,將符合條件之參與者隨機分派後,實驗組實施6 次優勢中心生涯諮商,控制組實施6 次職業組合卡諮商,比較在諮商結束時以及一個月後,兩組在國中幸福感量表和生涯發展量表中的生涯感受、生涯信念、生涯探索以及生涯規劃分量表的差異。所得資料以單因子共變數分析方法進行分析。結果發現優勢中心生涯諮商方法對於提升青少年幸福感具有立即和持久的效果,但對於生涯發展各層面的影響則不顯著。
The purpose of this study was to explore the immediate and follow-up effectiveness of a strength-centered career counseling modulein well-being and career development of junior high school students. The participants were 12 second-grade and 18 third-grade junior high school students. There were 30 in total, 9 boys and 21 girls; between the age of 14 and 16, (M=14.93; SD=.59). The participants were volunteers recruited via counseling and guidance offices from eight junior high schools in northern Taiwan. The study unitized an experimental design; participants were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The experimental group receivedsix sessions of strength-centered career counseling, and the control group receivedsix sessions of career counseling usingvocational card sort. The two groups were compared on their scores on the Well-Being Scale for Adolescentsand the subscales in the Career Development Inventory - Career Emotion, Career Beliefs, Career Exploration, and Career Planning immediately after the last counseling session and one month following the last counseling session. Data were analyzed by ANCOVA and the results showed that the Strength-Centered Career Counseling Module had immediate and lasting effects in elevating adolescents’ well-being but not their career development.
Other Identifiers: DE8FC3D8-8685-A8A6-E5E7-F71DDD6D5B98
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