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Title: 國小家長版網路成癮量表之編製及其信效度分析
Other Titles: The Construction of the Chen Internet Addiction Scale: Elementary School Parent Version and its Analysis of Reliability and Validity
Authors: 林青穎
Ching-Ying Lin
Chih-Hung Wang
Sue-Huei Chen
Sue-Huei Liu
Chih-Hung Ko
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在編製國小家長版網路成癮量表,並檢視其信、效度。量表編製主要參採「陳氏網路成癮量表」與「陳氏網路成癮量表兒童版」之架構,並參考相關文獻和專家建議。研究包含二階段,第一階段取樣自桃園縣和高雄市360 對國小高年級學童及其家長,結果顯示:(一)信度方面,家長版網路成癮量表各範疇的Cronbach's α 值為 .83 - .91,家長版網路成癮量表包含核心症狀、人際與健康問題、時間管理問題三個子構念,總解釋變異量64.73%。(二)效度方面,家長版與兒童版中度相關;驗證性因素分析結果顯示絕對與精簡指數符合標準(RMSEA = .08、GFI = .76、SRMR = .02、IFI = .94、NNFI = .93、NFI = .90、CMIN/df = 2.25、PNFI = .80)。第二階段取樣自桃園縣178 位國小中低年級兒童之家長,結果顯示網路使用高風險與年級、家長婚姻現況、兒童一週上網的時間有正相關。根據信度與效度的結果,本量表具有可接受的信度及效度,本文亦針對測驗應用及後續研究提出建議。
This research aims to construct the Chen Internet Addiction Scale: Elementary School Parent Version (CIAS-P) and examine its validity and reliability. The construction of CIAS-P is based on the framework of the Chen Internet Addiction Scale (CIAS) and the Chen Internet Addiction Scale-Children Version (CIAS-C), and is modified with other relevant literature and expert opinions. This research mainly utilized pair sampling procedures. Two stages were included in this study. The participants in the first stage were 360 5th-6th -graders and their parents sampled from Taoyuan county and Kaohsiung city. For reliability, the Cronbach's α value was .83-.91. An exploratory factor analysis showed that CIAS-P revealed three factors: core symptoms, interpersonal and health problems, and time management problems. These three factors accounted for 64.73% of the total explained variance. For validity, there was a moderate correlation between scores on CIAS-P and CIAS-C. In the confirmatory factor analysis, the absolute and parsimony indices were acceptable (RMSEA = .08、GFI = .76、SRMR = .02、IFI = .94、NNFI = .93、NFI = .90、CMIN/df = 2.25、PNFI = .80). The participants in the second stage were 164 1st-4th graders’ parents sampled from Taoyuan county. The results showed that high-risk Internet use was positively correlated with school age, parenting styles, and weekly internet use. In conclusion, the CIAS-P reached acceptable levels of reliability and validity. Discussions and suggestions regarding test application and future research are provided.
Other Identifiers: CEB90CC4-3192-4572-845B-C658288E6835
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