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Title: 基督徒諮商師融入靈性的諮商實務經驗
Other Titles: Christian Counseling Psychologists’ Practice Experiences in Integrating Spirituality into Counseling
Authors: 陳秉華
Michael J. Mullahy
Ping-Hwa Chen
Shing-Ru Chan
Lan-Hsin Fan
Michael J. Mullahy
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 在諮商領域中長久以來不碰觸宗教或是靈性的議題,諮商師普遍認為在諮商中與案主談論信仰就是失去中立立場,擔心會把信仰強加在案主身上。但是隨著心理學與諮商界開始逐漸對靈性持正面與開放的態度,為諮商師在諮商工作中開啟了一個新的視野。本研究探討在台灣有基督信仰的諮商師將靈性融入於諮商的實務經驗,以五位基督徒諮商心理師為研究參與者,透過半結構的個別訪談收集資料,以主題分析的方法分析資料,研究結果發現八個主題:諮商師對基督信仰與諮商有高認同、諮商師具有靈性觀、諮商師的靈性影響諮商工作、在諮商中提供融入靈性的評估與處遇、肯定融入靈性的諮商效果、從事融入靈性的諮商有價值與意義感、開放諮商中可談論靈性的態度、走在信仰與諮商的整合歷程。研究的討論與建議於本文末提出。
Counseling psychologists have traditionally avoided touching on spiritual issues in their counseling work. Counselors fear losing their neutrality and imposing theirreligious valueson clients if they bring spiritual issues into counseling. However, the increasing emphasis on spirituality in psychology and counseling is opening new perspectives for practicingcounselors. The present study explored Taiwanese Christian counseling psychologists’ experiences ofintegrating spirituality into their counseling practice. Five Christian counseling psychologists participated in semi-structured interviews.Data from the interviews was analyzed using the thematic analysis method. Eight themes were identified:identifying as both Christians and counselors, possessing Christian-based spiritual perspectives, being influenced by spirituality in counseling work, providing spiritual assessment and intervention in counseling, affirming the benefit of integrating spirituality into counseling, valuing the meaningfulness of conducting spiritual work in counseling, loosening restrictionson discussing spirituality in counseling, and walking the path of integrating spirituality and counseling. The results were discussed, and recommendations for further research were proposed.
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