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Title: 台灣七○至八○年代中國傳統繪畫類教學畫冊研究
Other Titles: A research on the Chinese painting- teaching books published from70s to 80s in Taiwan
Authors: 侯米玲
Mi-Ling Hou
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學美術學系暨美術研究所
Department & Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, NTNU
Abstract: 台灣在七○至八○年代,當經濟開始起飛之際,由於藝術類出版業的興盛、美術教育的普及、藝廊的興盛,及官方博物館與文忙中心的興建與藝術的推廣,促使台灣社會的藝術風氣達到前所未有的鼎盛。其中又以公私出版單位出版的藝術類圖書及教學畫冊,透過精美的印刷、平民化的價格,將中國傳統精緻繪畫廣為傳播、普及於一般民眾,對推動成熟的台灣藝術社會具有巨大貢獻。尤其是教學畫冊,它們透過負責編繪的老師的詳細繪畫步驟,利用圖書出版的管道,傳授精緻繪畫的技術,使人人有機會成為畫家。本論文試著從藝術社會學的角度,探討教學畫冊得以大量生產的可能原因,並觀察這些出版品的生產(出版者及繪製者)、類別及特色、讀者群,以及在當時所具有的功能及時代意義。
Art trend had never been in Taiwan until 70s-80s when the economy had just taken off. During that period, the blooming art publishing business, the spreading education, the sprouting art galleries and the promotion of art events by public art organizations all contributed to this artistic trend. One of the biggest contributors that helped Taiwan become a mature artistic society was the publishing of art books and art albums. These books were nicely printed and the price was so affordable that everybody was able to buy and read them. Among these books, the Chinese paintingteaching books especially benefited those who wanted to be a painter through the hands-on tutorials edited by art teachers. In the perspective of art sociology, this research is to connect the time, events and the publishers through the study of Chinese painting- teaching books publishing history. This research intends to find out the reason why those Chinese paintingteaching books were able to be mass produced and also to define the function and historical meaning of this tremendous amount of Chinese painting teaching books for the politics, society and economy.
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