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Title: 兒童數位學習資料庫之空間圖示資訊搜尋介面設計
Other Titles: The Information Seeking Interface with Spatial Icons for the Children Digital-learning Database
Authors: 吳可久
Ko-Chiu Wu
Chia-Jung Lin
Hung-Chun Chen
Hao-Ren Ke
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 國小學童資訊尋求行為、語文及圖像認知能力,均與成人有極大差異。然而網路科技快速發展,針對數位時代兒童,亟需發展客製化資訊搜尋介面來協助兒童利用數位資料庫學習。本研究針對兒童在虛擬空間電腦遊戲時會將其在實體世界中操作物件之生活經驗融入之現象,連結兒童之空間尋路及資訊搜尋行為之概念,設計並驗證一個空間圖示資訊搜尋介面。該介面利用電腦科技塑造3D 虛擬空間,並結合圖符(icon)與學習資料庫,將圖符安置於3D 虛擬空間,讓兒童探索及並搜尋資訊。研究並針對兒童操作不同的空間圖示資訊搜尋介面,如平面模式超連結、立體俯瞰、立體路徑之使用效率、有效性、操作次數,以單因子變異數分析進行檢定。發現兒童在各種介面中表現不同行為,使用效率以平面模式超連結介面較佳,有效性以立體俯瞰介面較佳,此二者均能協助兒童綜觀知識領域全局,因而有利於兒童建立知識地圖以輔助搜尋資訊。研究建議資訊視覺化、概念關聯可導入兒童資訊搜尋介面設計未來研究,並考量閱趣性,以提升介面之使用動機。
In this age of information technology, children must develop the ability to search digital databases. However, the information-seeking behavior and cognitive abilities associated with language and images differ substantially between children and adults. Therefore there is an urgent need for an information-searching interface customized for children. Drawing on the design of computer games, we created a three-dimensional (3D) human-computer interface (HCI). Children’s experience playing computer games can therefore inform way-finding and information-seeking behavior in this spatially-oriented interface. Three types of HCI were developed: a 2D graphic hyperlink (GH), a 3D extended survey (ES), and a 3D extended route (ER). These were tested for efficiency, effectiveness, and time of operation by one-way analysis of variance. Our results indicated that children behave differently on the various interfaces. The proposed HCI is a helpful tool offering children a knowledge map that enables them to search for the information they need. Our results demonstrate that information visualization theory and concept association are topics worthy of further study in the development of a child-oriented information-seeking interface.
Other Identifiers: DC69A24A-3ED5-1609-E928-3A07CCCE6377
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