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Title: 圖書館電子資源之加值應用以引用文獻分析系統之建置為例
Other Titles: Value-added Applications of Libraries’ E-resources: A Case Study of Citation Analysis System
Authors: 黃明居
Ming-Jiu Hwang
Tung-Yang Wu
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 圖書館購置電子資源經費比例年年成長,目前卻依舊扮演資訊提供者的角色,無法有效提供符合使用者需求或整合性的知識。以整合搜尋為例,也僅是縮短使用者與電子資源之間距離,並未提供整合後知識。本研究藉由實際系統建置過程,提出電子資源加值應用之一般模式,期使藉由圖書館電子資源知識的整合,提供使用者主題式知識,進一步利用圖書館電子資源涵蓋之內容,讓圖書館成為更有效益的知識提供者。
The libraries now still play as the role of information provider without effectively aggregate inforrmations to knowledge based on users’ requirement, though the budget of electronic resources increasing yearly. For example, the aggregative search of library resources just shorten the time users attach the electronic resources without providing real knowledge. This research proposed a general value-added model of electronic resources during the process building the citation analysis system. With the model, the library would be offer some value-added enhancement, even knowledge provider furthermore, based on the typical knowledge from aggregation of electronic resources in the library.
Other Identifiers: A3E98670-CB78-D93A-A17D-ED5AD0CE16B6
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