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Title: 臺灣有聲紀錄資源分布與管理作業現況調查
Other Titles: The Survey of Collection Distribution and Management of Sound Recordings in Taiwan
Authors: 林巧敏
Chiao-Min Lin
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 有聲紀錄是重要文化資產,但因其處理、保存與提供應用方面都比紙本資料更為複雜,導致這些珍貴的資源,往往被忽視而暴露在保存風險中。有鑑於此,本研究希望藉由調查分析了解臺灣典藏機構館藏之有聲資源特色,並探究有聲資源徵集、編目、典藏、數位化與檢索應用情形,調查兼採訪談與問卷方式施行,先以問卷調查有聲紀錄典藏特色機構之現況,繼而採深度訪談了解代表性典藏機構目前管理作業瓶頸。研究主要發現:有聲紀錄資料年代愈早者,保存狀況愈不佳;典藏條件普遍不理想,以溫濕度控制與安全性問題最嚴重;數位轉置以使用需求與內容價值為優先考量;典藏機構迫切需要解決資源整理與專業人力等問題。最終提出有關資源應用與合作之未來發展建議。
Despite the fact that sound recordings play a vital role in the preservation of cultural heritage, they are much more complex and expensive to handle, preserve and provide access in comparison to paper archives affect they are very often neglected. Most of the collections are at the risk of damage. The research focuses on audio collections preserving on the institutions that are unique or valuable. The methodology combines two types of quantitative and qualitative research. The questionnaire was chosen as the primary data for realize the collection and management among repository institutions. In-deep interviews were taken to conduct with the specialists and archivists for understanding the problems of management. The results found the earlier sound recordings were manufactured, the worse conservation they have been. The archive storage is not in good condition, the temperature and safety control are the most serious problems. The consideration of digital transfer is use demand and content value. The urgent issues of sound archives are collection organization and professional staff. Finally, some suggestions are proposed to formulate management policies and digital collaboration in Taiwan.
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