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Title: 發明家故事教學法對創造力融入高職電子科專業科目教學影響之個案研究
Other Titles: A Case Study on the Impact of Storytelling as a Teaching Model to Infuse Creativity into the Professional Electronics Subjects of a Vocational High School
Authors: 戴建耘
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 面對知識經濟時代的快速變遷,課程設計與教學方法亟需與時俱進,教育單位更應善盡知識傳承的工作。為了提升高職學生的技術創造思考能力,使學生具備解決問題的創思能力,並提高基層技術人力素質與國家經濟發展需求,本研究經由高職學生應用發明家故事進行專業科目融入創造思考教學之實施,分析師生本位角色與主觀反應,探討教師與學生對此教學之反應,以擬定教學模式與教學方法之參考。本研究透過質性方法進行文獻分析與深入訪談,經由立意抽樣方式,分別訪談實施以發明家故事為創造力融入式教學的教師與學生,透過自我陳述方式之紀錄為研究資料來源。訪談資料利用紮根理論進行分析,結果發現在教師部分肯定以發明家故事為創造力融入教學的反應,同時彙整出創造力教學、關鍵能力及學習改變等教師角色之主觀反應。學生部分也高度認同以發明家故事融入教學對於自身創造力與創造思考能力的啟發,經由教師的帶領,學生反應開始會尋找創意點子,也初次體會課堂沒有標準答案的經驗感到新奇,另為對於增加額外的學習感到有趣,也開始注意生活事物之觀察,更因為發明家小故事的影響而成為培養個人創造力之誘因。
It is essential for curriculum design and teaching method to improve with the times and educators have to fulfill their obligations to knowledge transmission, especially in the dramatically changing era of knowledge economy. The purpose of this study is trying to raise the quality of manpower in basic level and the demand of economic development by promote technical creative thinking ability of vocational high school's student for problem solving. The researchers devoted to analysis the feedback data from teachers and students who attend experiment of infuse into the curriculum by innovator storytelling in professional curriculums. The research result can be suggestions for future teaching method and curriculum design development. The sourcing of date come from both literature review and in-deep interview, furthermore, purposeful sampling is applied for sample collection. In-deep interview records of teachers and students' self-statement are used for data analysis. The Ground Theory is applied for data analysis as research method to enhance the research quality.The research findings as: first, teachers are positive towered the effort of infuse into the curriculum by innovator storytelling in professional curriculums. Mreover, the reasons oftheir positive response include the use of creativity teaching in the classroom, enhancement of students' key compentencies and positive changes in students' learning behaviour/attitude in class. Creative ideas are begin to be thought by students through teacher's leading and instructing. Otherwise, the students felt it was a novel experience to be in a class where there were no standard answers and where they were encouraged to answer their teachers' questions freely and openly. Furthermore, the students are interested in additional professional knowledge and began to take more care to observe their surrounding environment. The most importance is they are welling to cultivate their creativity caused by the innovators' story in th
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