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Title: Electrophilic Reaction of Ruthenium Heterocyclic Six-membered-ring Complexes
Authors: 張昭菀
Chao-Wan Chang
Issue Date: Jul-2001
Publisher: 國立僑生大學先修班
Abstract: Treatment of a ruthenium complex with a heterocyclic six-membered-ring ligand Cp(dppe)Ru-C=C(Ph)C(=S)N(Ph)C(=NPh)S (3)with organic halides at room temperature results in the alkylation at the sulfur terminus of the six-membered-ring to yield [Cp(dppe)Ru-C=C(Ph)C(SCH2R)N(Ph)C(=NPh)S][X] (4a, R = CN, X = I; 4b, R = Ph, X = Br; 4c, R=CH=CH2, X=I; 4d, R= p-C6H4CF3, X = Br). The reaction of 3 with HgCl2 affords [Cp(dppe)Ru-C=C(Ph)C(SHgCl)N(Ph)C(=NPh)S][Cl] (5). Further decomposition of 5 in the air gives a cationic vinylidene complex [Cp(dppe)Ru=C=C(Ph)C(O)NHPh]2[Hg2Cl6] (6).
Other Identifiers: D54BDAFB-0370-509C-7EBF-3F3E9D39157D
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