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Title: 南宋四川的防禦體系—以1132 年至1206 年為中心
Other Titles: A Study of the Sihchuan Defense Organization of the South Song Dynasty ─1132~1206
Authors: 李瑞川
Li, Jui-Chuan
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 南宋為抵抗金人入侵,派遣張浚為宣撫處置使,在四川設置防禦體系,但由於四川距離臨安遙遠,宋廷控制不易,便開始削奪宣撫使之職權。伴隨著宋金戰爭之展開,宋廷一方面必須統一事權,以全力抗金,另一方面,又鑑於都統制吳玠職權之膨脹,遂分化四川防禦體系之軍權及財權,使其互不節制,並調整宣撫使之職權,不復在四川常設此職。宋金在紹興議和後之長期和平,被韓侘冑北伐所打破,四川防禦體系先後面對金蒙之挑戰,卒因力竭而崩壞,蒙軍入侵四川。宋廷穩定京湖之後,派遣余玠至四川設置山城防禦系統,藉此穩定四川局勢。然因蒙軍水戰能力之提升,宋軍逐漸失去水上優勢,山城防禦系統之功能逐漸萎縮,僅能牽制蒙軍,不再能夠影響大局。
In order to resist the Jin Dynasty, the South Song Dynasty dipatched Zhang Jyun(張浚) as the Syuanfuchujhihshih(宣撫處置使) to establish defense organization in Sihchuan. Because Sihchuan was too far away from the Linan(臨安) for the South Song Dynasty to control, the South Song Dynasty began to weaken the authority of the Syuanfushih(宣撫使). With the Song-Jin war, the South Song Dynasty had to centralize the power to fight back the Jin Dynasty. Because the Doutongjhih(都統制) Wu Jie(吳玠) had too much power, the South Song Dynasty tried its best to dismantle the power. The South Song Dynasty separated the military and finance power and just dipatched the Syuanfushih in Sihchuan for a while. The peace from Shaosing(紹興) period was broken by the Han Cha-Jhou(韓侘冑) War, the Sihchuan Defense Organization having to face the challenges of the Jin Dynasty and the Mongolia, one after another. The Sihchuan Defense Organization was slowly collapsed, and the Mongolia entered Sihchuan. After the South Song Dynasty stabilizing Jinghu(京湖), Syu Jie(余玠) was dipatched to Sihchuan to establish the Mountain Castle Defense System. But with the advance of the fight skill of the Mongolia, the army of the South Song Dynasty wasn’t no longer defeat on the water. The functions of the Mountain Castle Defense System were out of use slowly. The only thing it can do was to hold up some of the Mongolia army, but a mass counterattack was no longer available for the Mountain Castle Defense System.
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