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Title: 台灣華語的多樣化---從台灣中部華語看起
The Heterogeneity of Taiwan Mandarin---A Study of Central Taiwan Mandarin
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 最近幾年,有一個關於台灣華語口音的新名詞逐漸流行開來,那就 是「台中腔」。關於台中腔的討論,在網路上日益熱烈,觀察力敏銳的模 仿藝人,也開始模倣這所謂的台中腔,甚至台灣的搖滾創作團體Sunshine Boy (陽觀男孩)還曾發表過一首歌,歌名就叫做「台中腔」。 但究竟台中腔華語的特色是什麼,網路上以及一般民眾的討論則是 眾說紛紜。雖然這些說法大多僅是一般民眾的印象,並未經過有系統且 嚴謹的語言學研究,但已反映出台灣華語已出現明顯的地域性變體 (regional variety)。 本計劃期望以較嚴謹的語言學方法及理論,解開「台中腔」的面紗。 為能較清楚描述現況,本研究擬以「台灣中部華語」一詞取代目前較為 通用的「台中腔」。本計劃的研究問題主要分為兩個層面— (一) 台灣中 部華語聲調調查; (二)語言社會條件分析。 台灣中部華語聲調調查部分,主要欲了解下列兩個問題。(一) 台灣 中部華語聲調表現究竟是什麼? (二) 哪些人最可能講台灣中部華語? 語 言社會條件分析的研究,主要則為了解可能造成台灣中部華語的社會與 語言因素,包括語言環境、語言接觸、人口等。
A new term , Taichong Chiang, or Taichung accent, has appeared recently among even non-linguists. This new term indicates the existence of the regional variety of Taiwan Mandarin. However, the observed features seem to be various. This study plans to investigate this regional variety in a more linguistic and systematic manner. The studied region will include not only Taichung, but two other central Taiwan counties –Changhua and Nantou. To more appropriately presenting the linguistic facts, the term “Central Taiwan Mandarin”is thus proposed to replace the term “Taichung accent”. The research focus will be placed on two perspectives. The first one is the tonal features of Central Taiwan Mandarin. That is because previous studies of this regional variety, in spite of being in a small number, reported fairly different observation on the four tones of the Mandarin in Taiwan. The second studied focus is the social factors that could have involved in the process of the formation of Central Taiwan Mandarin. It is expected that this study can preliminarily answer the following two questions— (1)Who are most likely to speak Central Taiwan Mandarin?; (2) Why do they speak Central Taiwan Mandarin?
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