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Title: 在族群與語言接觸下形成的臺灣華語--從聲學分析的結果看起
Taiwan Mandarin, a Mandarin Variety Formed under the Social and Language Contact between Various Chinese Dialects and Their Speakers
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2014
Publisher: 中央研究院語言學研究所
Abstract: 本研究透過聲學分析及統計分析,探討台灣的官話外省第二代、非官話外省第二代、本省第二代,這三個族群的華語聲調及調域表現,期待能更進一步了解華語在台灣不同族群及語言接觸下的發展過程。結果顯示: 1. 外省第二代和本省第二代之間,確實存在「本省口音」及「外省口音」的差異,且本省口音音頻偏低,調域偏窄。 2. 非官話外省人的華語表現傾向於向族群認同靠攏,也就是較接近同為外省人的官話外省人,偏離在語言上同屬講非官話方言的本省人。 3. 父母雙方若屬不同語族時,三種語族之語言對第二代的影響力依序為,官話外省人>非官話外省人>本省人。 4. 「外省口音」在產製層面 (production level) 上又分為官話外省口音和非官話外省口音,且非官話外省口音的調域較廣,音頻較高。 本研究並主張,上述結果 (4) 是一種語言矯枉過正 (hypercorrection) 的現象。
This study investigates the tonal range and high pitch tone performance of the 2nd generation of Waishengren, both Mandarin Waishengren and non-Mandarin Waishengren, and their Benshengren peers in Taiwan. Waishengren and Benshengren refer both to a group of people and their dialectal idiosyncracies alike. Four findings are induced from this investigation. (1) There is an ethnic Mandarin gap between 2nd generation Waishengren and Benshengren. Benshengren Mandarin is lower in high pitch tone and narrower in tonal range. (2) Waishengren Mandarin can be further subsumed as Mandarin-Waishengren Taiwan Mandarin and non-Mandarin-Waishengren Taiwan Mandarin; the latter is wider in tonal range and higher in high pitch tone. (3) Non-Mandarin Waishengren, though linguistically typologically close to Benshengren as both are non-Mandarin dialects, converge their Mandarin tonal performance toward Mandarin Waishengren. (4) The effect of the generational influence of Mandarin dialects, non-Mandarin dialects, and Southern Min is ordered from high to low as Mandarin dialects > non-Mandarin dialects > Southern Min. This study also suggested that finding (2) is a hypercorrection of non-Mandarin Waishengren, motivated by their language insecurity.
ISSN: 1606-822X
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0607_01_008
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