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Title: 再/誤現1895:電影《一八九五》的產製與消費
Re/Mis-presenting the Year of 1895: The Cinema Production and Consumption of the Film 1895 in Formosa
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學臺灣語文學系
Abstract: 本文藉由對於《一八九五》這部電影之生產和消費過程的爬梳,探討台灣社會對於1895∕《一八九五》集體想像是如何生成的。筆者將把研究場域還原到台灣(人)本身的生活現場之中,同時關注電影之生產者的生產實踐和消費者的消費實踐。筆者將討論《一八九五》電影文本如何在電影生產者(如:出品人和導演等)與消費者(如:電影觀眾、DVD 收藏者和網友等)之間,透過持續的表述書寫和實踐,形構台灣社會對於1895∕《一八九五》的,兼具同質與異質、史實與想像的共體感。全文將分別就《一八九五》電影文本本身作為一個意義闡連的所在、電影工作者作為文本生產者之生產實踐、及電影觀眾作為文本消費者之消費實踐三個部份做討論。
This paper explores how Taiwanese society "makes" its own collective imagination in relation to 1895/1895 in Formosa by analysing people's production and consumption of the film 1895 in Formosa. I focus on the mundane details of Taiwanese people's everyday life, as well as the production and consumption process of the film from the filmmakers' point of view and the consumers' point of view respectively. I discuss how 1895 in Formosa, as text and "compromise equilibrium" (Gramsci, 1998: 211; Storey, 1999: 150) between production and consumption (agency), articulates the meanings of 1895 and constructs Taiwanese society's sense of community.
ISSN: 2219-2204
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