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Title: 在地與跨界的行旅記憶: 臺灣日治期刊所載漢文遊記的風景意象
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 人離開家園後易察覺周遭的差異性,並發展自身的應對方式。日治時期的旅 行書寫牽涉文化觀察、認同議題或風景心境,這些作品藉報紙期刊等公共領域的 登載而傳播至識字階層。其中,《臺灣教育會雜誌》、《臺灣文藝叢誌》、《詩報》、 《風月報》為發刊較長久的期刊,且登載多篇漢文遊記,於臺灣旅遊文學場域頗 具代表性。故以發表於此四種期刊的遊記為研究範疇,探討在地與跨界的行旅記 憶及文化的比較批判。主要採文獻研究、文本詮釋並結合田野訪談等質性研究 法,研究進程分為兩層次:(一)廣泛蒐集旅遊文本及史料:研究素材包括臺灣 北、中、南與東部的在地書寫,及跨界至日本、中國或東南亞等地的遊記,並比 較詩文如何表現同一主題。另依旅人參與的活動類型,歸納遊記題材,如修學、 考察、登山、共進會、博覽會、休閒、觀光等。又配合台北高校九十週年紀念活 動訪談校友,或日治時期曾修學旅行的長輩,以他們旅遊經驗的口述歷史,作為 另類史料的參考。(二)詮釋遊記的意象與敘事:論析臺灣文人的敘事位置、異 文化參照的反思以及地景記憶;又探討作家對於自然風景的感知,或古蹟、風俗 等人文意象。這些作品流露旅人從出發、行遊過程到回歸的體驗,應用場域、空 間、敘事、再現、論述等概念,以助於文本的詮釋;再藉由探究遊記之間的共性 與殊性,以論析旅遊敘事的特色,並呈現旅遊文學發展的脈絡。
Once a person is away from home, he becomes sensitive to the differences in the new surroundings, and accordingly, he adapts himself and copes with the differences in his own way. Travel writings published in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Period encompassed a variety of themes, which included observations on cultural differences, discussions on identity and emotional responses to landscapes. Travel writings at that time were delivered to the literate through newspapers and magazines. Taiwan Education Association Magazine, Taiwan Wen-I Tsung-Chih, Taiwan Poem Newspaper, and Feng Yueh Tabloid were listed among the long-standing media for the travel writings in Mandarin to flourish, and thus they are regarded as important sources for Taiwanese travel writing researchers. Therefore, based on travel writings published in these media, I intend to discuss the travel memories derived from both local and boundary crossing travel writings as well as critique on the cultural differences confronted by each author. Methodologies include literature review, textual interpretation and field research. It will be conducted in two progressive levels. The first level is to collect as many texts on travel writings and their historical references as possible. Targeted texts will include island-wide travel writings in Taiwan and other boundary crossing writings on travel experiences to Japan, China and Southeast Asia. How prose-writings might differ from verses on specific themes will be emphasized in the subsequent comparisons. Texts will be categorized by different activities the literati participated, which include excursions, inspections, mountain-climbing, participations in Progressive Association, leisure activities, sight-seeing and so on. Other subsidiary materials will include documents of the interviews with Taihoku High School alumni during the school’s 90th Anniversary, and the local senior citizens who were educated during the Japanese Colonial Period. The second level will focus on the interpretations of scenic images in the writings. I will start by analyzing Taiwanese literati’s narrative position, their reflections on foreign cultures and their memories of the landscapes; later discuss literati’s emotional response to natural sceneries, heritages, and customs. Texts analyzed tend to reveal travelers’ experiences of the entire journey, from departure to return, and by incorporating the concepts of field, space, conversation, narration, representation, discourse, field and space, the textual interpretation will be facilitated. Also, discussion will be extended to the similarities and differences between writings, and analysis on the special features in travel writings would contribute to the developmental process of travel writings in Taiwan.
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