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Title: 日治後期地方與空間的記憶:《三六九小報》、《風月報》遊記敘事策略
Memory of Place and Space in Japanese Colonial Later Period: Narrative Strategies of the Travel Writings in San Liou Chiou Tabloid and Fong Yueh Tabloid
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2014
Publisher: 中華民國戶外遊憩學會
Abstract: 遊記著重旅人再現觀察與體驗,含涉異地旅行書寫的共性與殊性。台灣日治時期《三六九小報》及《風月報》系列刊物以休閒為主要功能,所載旅遊散文多以自然或人文風景為題材,且蘊含感官意象。因「感官↔記憶↔藝術創作」之間有所關聯,故藉由敘事學的概念應用於旅遊散文研究的詮釋,以理解作者如何透過文本再現個人的感官經驗。為探討在地與跨界敘事的感官意象,故以刊物所載旅遊散文為研究素材,分別詮釋在地風景的感官體驗、旅日感官記憶的再現策略。另一方面,則從刻劃女子的形象、場景與敘事者心境的互涉等層面,分析旅行敘事的人物與場景等議題。綜觀這些旅遊散文多流露地方感,或文化接觸後的批判,並保存旅人於特定時空情境的記憶。
Travel writing emphasizes travelers' representations of experiences and observations, as well as the similarities and differences that they perceive from local and boundary-crossing experiences. Both the San Liou Chiou Tabloid and Fong Yueh Tabloid published in series during the Japanese Colonial Period are largely for the purpose of leisure. Nonetheless, travel writings in the two publications are particular in their inclusion of natural and humanistic scenery. The triangular relation among senses, memory, and artistic creations paves the way for interpretation with narrative theories, and thus makes it easier for readers to understand how writers represent their sensual experiences through their writings of travel experiences. This paper will discourse on representations of senses from local or boundary-crossing travel narratives in the two publications. It will approach the said themes from two perspectives, which are senses upon the local scenery and the way writers represent the memory of their travels to Japan. On the other hand, this paper will also look at the inter-involvement among feminine images, settings, and mindsets of travelers, in order to analyze characters and settings in travel writing. Travel writing in both publications employs various types of writing techniques, reveals locality and criticisms on cultural differences, and embodies spatial memories of a particular time and space.
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