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Title: 褒揚及忠烈祠祀榮典制度之研究
The Research of the Praise Act and the ceremony of Martyr's Shrine.
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學臺灣史研究所
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本計畫將從史料去探討中華民國的褒揚及忠烈祠祀制度建立之歷史沿革、歷史意義與立法精神,其次配合與國外相關榮典制度的比較,以及目前國內狀況的調查,檢討現行褒揚法規與忠烈祠祀制度的合理性與妥適性,最後提出關於褒揚及忠烈祠祀的建議方案,供政府機構參考之用。
From the perspective of historical archives, this plan will discuss the historical tradition, historical connotation, and the spirit of legislation of the Praise Act and Martyr’s Shrine Ceremony of the Republic of China. Together with the comparison of the related praise act regulations in other countries and the investigation of national conditions, the rationality and propriety of the current Praise Act regulation and the ceremony of Martyr’s Shrine in Taiwan will be reviewed. Finally, suggestions on the Praise Act and the ceremony of Martyr’s Shrine will be proposed to the government apparatus as references.
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