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Title: 文學藝術與物質文化-異國形象的物質符碼---晚清海外遊記中的飲食、服飾與城市文化
Material Codes from Foreign Images--- Clothing, Diet and Urban Cultures in Late Qing Dynasty Overseas Travel Writing
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本計畫為兩年期整合性研究計畫「文學藝術與物質文化研究」之子計畫,內容以 筆者2008 年修訂出版的博士論文專書《近代域外遊記(1840-1945)》為基礎,針對 其中晚清海外遊記部分,結合物質文化(material culture)之研究理論與方法,嘗試以 新切入點為進一步拓展的延伸性研究。 處於傳統與現代的衝擊之下,晚清海外遊記為當時中國旅人跨出國門、觀看他者 的紀錄,遊記內容充滿了大量異國物質的描寫,旅人們使用的不同語彙與關注焦點, 反映出在中西交流的過程中,他們認識世界、詮釋世界的多元方式。 本計畫擬從飲食、服飾、城市三個層面分析晚清外遊記的物質文化,首先由飲食 層面切入,分析晚清海外遊記中的飲食文化與食物相關的象徵意涵,思考旅人在描述 異國食物之際,如何從感官經驗與物質經驗的再現,建構出異域形象;接著探討服飾 文化,從異國人物形象的裝扮描述,探討背後所隱含的旅人觀感與價值判斷;最後從 旅行的日常生活細節跨至城市文化,探討在不同年代的海外旅行過程中,晚清旅人在 觀察與描述中所表現出的城市觀念演進過程。從遊記內容的具體層面出發,探討其豐 富意涵,開拓晚清海外遊記更完整的弘觀研究。
This project is a branch project of 2-year integrated project ,“Material Culture Studies in Literature and Arts” led by Professor Chen Jue in Chinese Department of National Chin-Hwa University. The integrated project is across three major literary genres, including drama, narrative prose, and poetry. This project is responsible for the part of travel writing of narrative prose. The contents of this project are extended from my 2008 revised doctoral thesis published in book, ”Modern overseas travel writing (1840-1945)". This project would study overseas travel writing in late Qing Dynasty by combining material culture research theories and methods as a new viewpoint. Late Qing Dynasty was under the conflict between tradition and modernity. The overseas travel writing at that time recorded the way of Chinese travelers travelling overseas and how they watched circumstances and foreigners. The travel writing contained considerable descriptions of foreign materials. The travelers used different vocabularies and focuses to reflect the various methods of recognizing and interpreting the world during the interexchange of Chinese and western cultures. This project will analyze the material culture of travel writing in late Qing Dynasty from three viewpoints, including diet, clothing and urban cultures First, it will start from the angle of diet to analyze its culture and food-related symbolic meanings, then considering how the travelers constructed foreign images from reproducing sensory and material experiences by describing the foreign diet. Second, clothing culture will be considered. According to descriptions of foreign clothing, discussions will focus on the underlying perceptions and value judgments of the travelers. Furthermore, foreign urban concepts will be discussed from descriptions of the evolution of foreign urban in different times by travelers during their journey. In brief, this project will start from the concrete level of the travel writing to explore their rich meanings in different viewpoints and augment study contents of overseas travel writing in late Qing Dynasty.
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