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Title: 通俗遊戲╱嚴肅任務-日治時期台灣旅行文學研究---以《三六九小報》與《風月》、《風月報》、《南方》、《南方詩集》為分析場域
A Study of the Taiwan Travel Writing during the Japanese Ruling Period --- Taking 369 Tabloid, Fong Yueh, Fong Yueh Pao, Nan Fan, and Nan Fan Anthology as the Main Analysis Field
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本計畫擬延續97 年度計畫:「曖昧的風景-日治時期臺灣旅行文學研究──以《臺 灣日日新報》、《臺灣民報》漢文作品為分析場域」之研究,對日治時期台灣旅行文學進 行更深入的分析與探討。 《三六九小報》與《風月》系列雜誌為1930 年以後的重要休閒刊物,隨著交通建設 的完成與休閒觀念提升,旅行逐漸介入台灣民眾生活,成為日常休閒活動之一。二刊的 旅行文學,不但呼應刊物的通俗娛樂特色,作品本身涵蓋古典/現代、遊記/詩歌,呈顯 繽紛樣貌,除反映文人的閒情雅興之外,也隱含休閒以外的嚴肅意涵。歷來針對二刊的 主題探討,卻多半集中於小說與情慾、藝旦等,對於與休閒娛樂性質密切相關的旅行文 學卻未能有一定關注,頗為可惜。 本計畫即欲以《三六九小報》370 筆與《風月》系列1216 筆旅行詩文為探討對象, 首先就旅行文學與刊載場域相互呼應/對比的方式,從旅人建構風景與書寫旅行的模 式,探討1930 年之後旅行文本的休閒性/嚴肅性;其次再以交互對照的方式,除比較 同屬小報性質的《三六九小報》、《風月》系列的旅行詩文外,並進一步參照《台灣日日 新報》、《台灣民報》等新聞紙的旅行文學,對比出彼此特色,瞭解其共性與殊性,為日 治時期的臺灣旅行文學建構更完整的研究面向。
This study will plan to extend previous year (97) research - A Study of Taiwan travel writing during the Japanese ruling period - taking the Chinese works of Taiwan Daily News and TAIWAN-MIN-BAO as the main subject of analysis, to carry out further analysis and discussion in the Taiwan travel literature during the Japanese ruling period 369 Tabloid and Fong Yueh series magazines were significant leisure publications after 1930 in Taiwan. With the completion of the traffic infrastructures and enhance the concept of leisure, travel gradually involved in the Taiwanese live and became one of the regular leisure activities. Travel writings in these two publications did not only express popular entertainment features, covering Classical / Modern, travel writings/ poetry, reflecting the intellectuals leisure and carefree, but also imply serious meanings. Previous studies about these two publications focused on the fiction, sexual passion and so on geisha. There are little concern about travel literature which is closely related to the nature of leisure and entertainment. This plan is attempting to use 370 travel essays and poems in 369 Tabloid and 1216 travel essays and poems in Fong Yueh series magazines as a research field to investigate firstly the relationship between travel writings and the nature of publications and the mode of intellectuals to conceive travel writings. Second, the travel writings in 369 tabloid and Fong Yueh series magazines series will be compared. Furthermore, travel writings in Taiwan Daily News and TAIWAN-MIN-BAO will be referred to compare the characteristics of one another and understand their commonality and particularity. Thus, more complete research-oriented in the Taiwan travel literature during the Japanese ruling period can be constructed.
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