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Title: 誰的風景?--《漢文臺灣日日新報》旅行書寫研究
Whose scenery?--Travel Writing Study in Chinese Taiwan Daily News
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 自1905 年7 月1 日至1911 年11 月30 日,日治時期台灣發行量最大、延續時間最長的報紙--《台灣日日新報》為因應讀者需要,擴充原有的漢文版,獨立發行《漢文臺灣日日新報》。除了漢文新聞之外,《漢文台灣日日新報》為當時漢文文學作品重要發表場域,也刊登了800 多筆的旅行詩文作品。 由於《漢文台灣日日新報》的半官方性質,該報所刊登的旅行詩文,複製了大量的官方風景,透過現代化建設的歌頌,肯定殖民政府的政績;台人前往日本參加博覽會的參訪心得,更成了映證殖民母國強盛的崇拜之旅。除了官方色彩,另有不少旅人以懷古為書寫策略,於旅行風景中寄寓不能言說的心聲;透過觀看位置的變換與風景差異,可以發現台日旅人在對照彼此母國與世界的 過程中不斷進行的微妙調整與變化。
Between 1 July 1905 and 30 November 1911, Taiwan Daily News which had largest circulation and longest duration during Taiwan's Japanese colonial period expanded original Chinese layout to publish Chinese Taiwan Daily News independently in response to requests of readers. In addition to Chinese news, Chinese Taiwan Daily News was an important printed material for Chinese literary works. It published more than 800 works of travel writing. Owing to the semi-official nature, the travel writings in Chinese Taiwan Daily News delivered considerable official scenery. They praised the modernization to celebrate achievements of the colonial government. The experience reports of Taiwanese attending to Japanese Expo became a journey of worship about strong and prosperous colonial mother country. Except official propaganda articles, many travelers used the strategy of reflecting on old times with the memory to express his thoughts in travel writings. By alteration in location of observation and landscape differences, continuously subtle adjustment and changes are found during the process of Taiwanese and Japanese traveler comparing each country and the world.
ISSN: 1019-6706
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