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Title: 《文選》物色類風、雪、月三賦析論
Analysis of Three Odes in Zhao-ming Anthology
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Abstract: 《昭明文選》卷十三〈物色類〉中收錄了〈風賦〉、〈秋興賦〉、〈雪賦〉、〈月賦〉四篇,李善注曰:「四時所觀之物色而為之賦。」可見「物色」所指的是春夏秋冬之中,風花雪月的景象。鍾嶸〈詩品序〉:「若乃春風春鳥,秋月秋蟬,夏雲暑雨,冬月祁寒,斯四候之感諸詩者也。」四季之更迭,陰沉寒冷使人憂鬱,明亮溫暖令人舒暢,人的心情隨著景物的變化而動蕩,當觸發於景物時,百感交集,有時更能在自然的天籟與光影交錯中興發創作的動機。黃宗羲《景州詩集序》:「詩人萃天地之清氣,以月露風雲花鳥為其性情,其景與意不可分也。月露風雲花鳥之在天地間俄頃滅沒,而詩人能結之不散,常人未嘗不有月露風雲花鳥之詠,非其性情,極雕繪而不能親也。」人具有靈通而細密的心思,特別能在萬化無已的瞬息轉變中,經由視覺,將浮光掠影中錯綜的色彩,內化而為啟動思緒的機括,將四時更替中的萬象紛陳,內映而為變遷無常的牽掛;經由聽覺,留佇山風林雨的淋漓瀟淅,拍板而為泣血奔騰的謳歌,聆聽鳴蟲鳥唱的嘔啞嘈喳,宛轉而為嬝娜纖巧的低語,使情貌相生,衍展無窮。《昭明文選•物色類》有三篇詠物賦,一篇抒情賦,本文寫作的目的,在透析窮形極相的物色描摹,解讀藉由風、雪、月三賦所呈現自然景觀的不同表現方式。
There are four odes in the category of Natural Phenomena, Volume 13, Zhao-Ming Anthology, namely, An Ode to the Wind, An Ode to the Snow, An Ode to the Moon, and An Ode to the Autumn Sentiment. These are the poet's observation on the appearance of all things. The natural phenomena refer to the sight of the wind, the flowers, the snow, and the moon. Human beings possess spirituality and intelligence to process their sensational experiences and internalize them into the source of feelings. The natural phenomena touch people and inspire poets to express their sentiments. The transition of the four seasons reflects the poet's solicitudes with the ever-changing world. Therefore, the poets would express their perception of the nature with an impulsive inspiration by means of creative works. This article intends to analyze relation between the description of natural phenomena and the literary creation. This article also explores the various presentations of the natural phenomena in poetic form by interpreting the three odes in Zhao-Ming Anthology.
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