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Title: 論「喝他個痛快」中虛指「他」的來源--兼及其他帶虛指「他」的構式
The Origin and Constructions of the Dummy Pronoun ta 他 in he ta ge tongkuai 喝他個痛快
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立清華大學
Abstract: 過去已有一些關於現代漢語「喝他個痛快」構式的研究,本文從歷時語法的角度推求「喝他個痛快」中虛指「他」的來源,兼及其他帶虛指「他」的構式。研究發現這些用法基本上可分為兩類:「喝他個痛快」和「給他個混」均為雙賓結構,「喝他個痛快」的「他」是因為類化於雙賓構式而添加的一個形式賓語;「喝他三杯」與「管他三七二十一」則為單賓結構,虛化自中古時期旁稱代詞「他」作為同位語的用法。這些帶虛指「他」的構式都有明顯的說話者取向,應與「他」指涉「異座落」的空間觀念有關。
This study examines the formation of the dummy pronoun "ta" 他 in "he ta ge tongkuai" 喝他個痛快 '(Let's) Drink to our heart's content!' from a diachronic syntactic perspective, and it also discusses other related constructions with the dummy pronoun ta. The results suggest that, although there are some similarities and differences among these constructions, they can be divided into two categories: those related to double object constructions (e.g., "he ta ge tongkuai" and "gei ta ge hun" 給他 個混'(Let's) Muddle along!'); and those associated with single object constructions (e.g., "he ta san bei" 喝他三杯 '(Let's) Gulp some wine down!' and "guan ta san qi ershiyi" 管他三七二十一 '(Let's) Forget about it and let it rip!'). For the former category, we propose that ta in "he ta ge tongkuai" was analogized from a double object construction, which resulted in a formal object ("ta") being inserted. In the latter case, "ta" was grammaticalized from a third-person indefinite pronoun which had been an appositive in Middle Chinese. Constructions with the dummy pronoun "ta" are all strongly speaker-oriented, which may be due to the fact that "ta" evokes a different locus, that is, a concept of a space that does not coexist with the speaker.
ISSN: 0577-9170
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