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Title: 戴震的氣化人性論(III-III)
Dai Zhen$S Theory of Qi-Based Human Nature(Iii-Iii)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計畫以「生成」(becoming)的角度詮釋戴震的人性論與善論。戴震認為先天善性要在後天的經驗學習中發展實現,因此,天性和教養具有互相形塑的內外關係,換句話說:「天性來自於教養」。從「天性來自於教養」的觀點出發,筆者檢視戴震如何在批評宋明儒者的論點中呈顯出他獨特的理論:不斷在生成中實現的人性。
This project intends to interpret Dai Zhen’s theory of human nature and goodness in terms of ’becoming’. For Dai Zhen, goodness interior to human nature can only be realized by post-priori learning and experience. Human nature and nurture are therefore shaping each other, namely, ’nature via nurture’. Taking ’nature via nurture’ as point of departure, this paper attempts to examine Dai Zhen’s critique of Song-Ming Confucianism, from which there appears Dai Zhen’s unique theory of human nature that can only be developed in ceaseless ’becoming’.
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