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Title: 台灣學院詩人研究(Ⅱ)---楊牧詩作中的花蓮語境
Research on Taiwan Academic Poets (II)--- The Linguistic Contexts in Yang Mu's Poetry
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 楊牧為華文世界傑出詩人,已出版詩文創作、評論集四十八種。1996年從美國 返回台灣,籌備東華大學人文社會學院,召集知識菁英研究區域文化,帶動花蓮文 學研討。其詩作時有鮮明的社會情境、文化背景;旅居國外時期的作品,也常有鮭 魚迴游、涉足入海的意象,或借延陵季子掛劍典故,在遙遠的異地為故鄉塑形。詩 人出國前、旅居國外時與返台後,因時間遷移、環境變化,其詩作之情感結構、表 現方法必然不同。 研究楊牧詩作中的花蓮語境,不僅為呈現具代表性的台灣意象及「地域的感 性」,更在於追蹤學院詩人的精神嚮往,探察知識鄉愁帶他走向世界的追求,與文 化鄉愁帶他回返故鄉的生命悸動。文學語境研究成果,兼可用在文化創意產業發展 上,提供地方社會「軟體建設」思維。 本計畫接續前一年對「楊牧詩與中國古典」的研究,是從另一角度探索閱歷眼 界對詩人的潛在影響與宏闊塑造。
Abstract: A prominent poet in the Chinese literature field, Professor Yang Mu has, as of 2009, published 48 books, including poetry, prose and essays. In 1996, upon his return from the USA, he planned from scratch the Humanities & Social Sciences College for Dong Hwa University in Hualien, called for and encouraged the intellectuals to support the research of regional culture, and successfully motivated the studies of literature works of Hualien. Vivid presentations of social situations and cultural background always appear in Yang Mu’s poetry; and perhaps just to depict and to materialize in some form his native country while away from it, there exist often in his works written abroad images of “the return of the salmon to its birthplace”, and literary allusions such as the tale “Yen-Ling Ji-Ze Offering his Sword”. Due to time and social condition changes, we see definite differences of emotional structures and expressional methods in his works produced in various stages of his life, i.e., before his departure from Taiwan, during his stay overseas, and after his homecoming. The study of Yang Mu’s Hualien language context in his poetry aims not only to render representational Taiwan images and the ambiance of the region ; but also to trace the spiritual longings of this academic poet, exploring the throb he has experienced in the past, i.e., his intellectual nostalgia which led him to the outside world, and his cultural nostalgia which guided him homeward. The results of this literal language context study could provide ideas for to help develop the local cultural-creative industries. This project, as a continuation of last year’s research program, entitled “Yang Mu’s Poetry and Chinese Classicism”, tries to delve into, from different angles, how personal experience and vision could quietly, but significantly, influence and shape a poet.
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