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Title: 元遺山杜詩學研究
The Research of “Du Fu’s Poetics” By Yuan Yi-Shan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 元遺山「杜詩學」研究 杜甫詩的「經典化」,對中國古典詩學之發展產生了至為深刻的影響,我們統稱歷 代對杜甫及其詩歌的相關討論為「杜詩學」。「杜詩學」與古典詩學間的關係密切,然而 當前學界對金元時期的杜詩學研究顯不及宋、明清等時代,故本計畫乃欲填補此一空 白,透過對元好問(1190-1257,字裕之,號遺山)的杜詩學研究,一方面整理金元時期 的杜詩批評相關資料,另一方面則呈現杜詩在金元時期的詩學意義。 上承(北)宋金文化系統的元好問,對於杜詩,除了著名的〈杜詩學引〉及〈論詩絕 句三十首〉等為人所熟知的著作外,在他大量的詩文中亦不乏對杜詩的說論與學習,因 此本計畫企圖透過這些資料,一方面辨析元好問「學杜」之實情,而由此又延申出兩個 問題:一,後人對遺山學杜之評價意義何在;二,遺山之學杜對明、清詩人學杜所產生 了什影響?除此之外,本計畫擬由遺山之杜詩學中,檢討遺山和「江西詩派」間詩學主 張的分合問題,省察此二家崇杜路徑的差異與後世的接納情況。由此釐清(南)宋金元的 詩歌主張與發展底蘊。是知本計畫固然為一杜詩學之研就,但透過杜詩學,乃對金元詩 學的內涵與意義有另一層面的關照。
The research of “Du Fu’s Poetics”by Yuan Yi-Shan Du Fu’s poetry has had a deep effect on the development of Chinese classical poetry. Discussion of Du Fu and his poetry through the generations is generally known as “Du Fu’s poetics”. There is a close relationship between “Du Fu’s poetics”and the tradition of classical poets. It is apparent, however, that the research of Du Fu’s poetics during the Jin-Yuan period by the current academic circle of the day is inferior to that conducted during the Sung, Ming and Qing dynasties. This project therefore intends to fill up this deficiency by examining Yuan Hao-Wen’s (Yuan Hao-Wen 1190 –1257, formally known as Yu-Zhi, also known by the name Yi-Shan) research into Du Fu’s poetry. This study intends not only to present data relating to criticism of Du Fu’s poetry, but also to demonstrate the significance and value of Du Fu’s poetry in the Jin-Yuan period. Yuan Hao-Wen inherited the cultural system of the (northern) Sung and Jing dynasties. There is no lack of discussion and teachings relating to Du Fu’s considerable poetic output except for the famous works “The Introduction of Du Fu’s poetics”and “The Discussion of the Thirty Quatrains”. By means of these data, the project can distinguish between and analyze the aspects of Yuan Hao-Wen’s poetry that draws on Du Fu’s poetry, and from this we can extrapolate two more questions:What appreciation and significance will later generations attribute to Yi-Shan’s imitations of Du Fu’s poetry; and what kind of influence has it had on the poets of the Ming and Qing dynasties who learn about Du Fu’s poetry through Yi-Shan’s imitations? Besides these questions, the project plans to review opinions on the poetry of Yi-Shan and “The poetic school of Jiang Xi”and examine the differences between these two styles and their acceptance by later generations. We therefore can clarify the opinions of the time and their subsequent development during the Jin-Yuan period in the (southern) Sung Dynasty. Although this project is, without doubt, a research study of Du Fu’s poetics, this research can also lead
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